Masked Angels

Please everyone be safe.  The rate of infection in Nevada County is now 38 cases and 1 death.  Bringing the rise of infection to almost flat for a week now.  This is due to the PEOPLE of Nevada County practicing good social distancing, wearing masks and washing their hands.  Keep up the good work.  This is something we can all do to help our fellow humankind. – Jim R., Roamin Angels President’

How are you spending ‘shelter in place’?

“I’ve talked with a few of you and traded emails with others. Basically I’m trying to determine that everyone’s doing OK.  Personally, we’re still working [at Real Graphic Source] ’cause of agreements we have with Govts.

From here the good news is

  • the Architects all had  years +++ worth of business lined up
  • the contractors are still looking for people cause they are back logged.
  • Silver Springs High School will soon have a trade school for building skills (Looking for a teacher, by the by),
  • Bear River is re-doing the campus soon with concentration on Ag Science and trade programs,
  • NU will have a brand new Culinary facility. 

Yes! Back to hands on America.

The other reason for working? I’d go nuts without an everyday challenge.

The People I have talked with have repeated how much they miss their car buddies and the stuff we do. Hope to see you all soon……not on Zoom or Skype….but in person. 

Keep smiling. May 4th the tables turn….write it down.” – Mike H.

“All is well in Browns Valley, beautiful time of year. Everything is green, green, green. Had a great tailgate party at Big A with social distancing, of course. Big A’s working very hard and doing a great job as usual. Hope everyone is safe and well, we will overcome. See you soon”, Bill & Pat B.

“Steve and I have been busy with taking care of the house and acreage. We certainly have not experienced any “cabin fever”. I have been trying to help, where I can, people who are in need. That helps get rid of the, “I think I should go back to work” feeling.:) It is a nursing thing. Steve is also busy ordering things for “my” Camaro, as Danny is hard at work making “my” Camaro a piece of art. Stay well, stay safe everyone.” – Paula & Steve B.

“Gio and I have been staying at home with our nurses. We are well but Denny has slowed down a lot. We both wear our masks if we are out for a doctor appointment but our nurses are keeping everything sanitary. We are mostly enjoying the nice weather we are having now. Gio is out on the back deck & I am enjoying working in the garden! Looking forward to seeing our Roamin Angel friends soon. Stay well.” Bev G.

“We basically have just kept keepin’ on.  Our life is this place and all the animals, and trying to pay the bills and buy feed for everyone.  We are being more careful than normal and don’t go out except to shop, but I am not growing gray hair over the whole Covid thing.  I know it’s hard on some of the people we know.  People who own their own businesses that aren’t “essential”. Our son who was in the process of getting his Class A and all his I hard to get documents that he had back.  But with the doctors being short and DMV closed it’s been hard.  Unemployment office is closed too.  But we’re just all doing the best we can do, and I hope that’s what all you guys are doing to.  Time is passing and I look forward to Game Night  starting up again.  Take care and stay well.” – Sandi & Mike C.

“Personally, our lives haven’t changed much. I’ve worked from home for over 25 years so I still have the same commute and sit in front of the computer. But that being said, yes, our lives have changed. We spend more time working on our ‘honey-do’ projects, continuing on with our backyard remodel. We’ve actually gotten to know our neighbors better too in that we spend time in the front yard talking…at the safe social distance, of course, and we take a lot of walks together. I’ve taken the Pontiac out a few times around the block just to ‘blow the cobwebs out’. We look forward to getting together with our Roamin Angel friends and doing the things that we enjoy and cruisin’ around town.” – Diane & Dave B. 

Thanks to all those who joined in our ‘Masked Angels’ project.