Kudos-Announcements November 2022

Wednesday, November 9 at 10:00am:

A new Classic Car Showcase & Auction Facility is opening at 400 Providence Mine Road in Nevada City. A group of Angels are meeting with the owners – Mike and Sergio – about collaborating on some events. If you would like to join the group and check it out, contact Gary at 925- 719-1048 or meet them at the facility.

Membership Dues are due December 31st!
Effective 01/01/2023 the dues will be $60.00 for renewing members and $75.00 for new members. “With inflation, and the cost of everything going up, the Board has decided with careful consideration to increase the membership fees. With the new increase the renewing member will be just $5.00 a month making it $60.00 and new members will be $75.00 for the year. This new amount will take effect the first of the year so please get your membership dues in before 01/01/23 to avoid paying the new amount for next year. Thank you so much for understanding.”

Roamin Angels Christmas Season 33rd Annual Toy Drive & Toy Drive Donation Spots
Nov. 26 Saturday from 9am to 1pm

Toy Drive Donation Spot: Tru Value Penn Valley
Toy Drive Donation Spot: Riebes, Grass Valley
Toy Drive Donation Spot: B&C, Grass Valley

Dec. 3 Toy Drive at McKnight Crossing 8am-Noon
Our Toy Drive location is at the McKnight Center and the site of the Saturday Cars & Coffee. Marty Souter of the Roadents is helping to coordinate the layout in conjunction with the group that comes for Cars and Coffee. There will be music and raffles and all sorts of fun as we gather toys and donations for this Christmas season.

Come by, tell your friends and neighbors.Come support your Car Club!
Gary, Jean and Pat