Kudos, Announcements & More – Oct. 2022

Congratulations to Wayne D. and Tom C. who each won an award at the California Crossroads Car Show.

Check out the photos from the show- click here.

Ray’s Gold Vest

In 1983, Ray Yedding joined the Higgins Diggins Lions. The Lions had gold vests that they wore to let others know that they were Lions. The leader of the group put out a challenge to the group to collect badges and buttons wherever they went. Whoever got the most, would be the winner. He didn’t specify Lions only events (which apparently he had meant) and Ray took advantage of that slip up and collected any and all types of badges and buttons from all over.  Needless to say, Ray won the challenge. 

Ray brought the vest to the car show and put it on display in the Sugar Pines building. The vest is covered front and back with badges and pins from all over the area…and it is very heavy. 

The moral to this tale is that when you give Ray a task…be specific or you’ll never know what you might get!

As a side note: Ask Ray about his key fob collection. It’s a cool collection.