Kudos and Announcements -January 2022

Elections for the Roamin Angels 2022 Board

Due to end-of-term and/or resignation, there are currently six open positions on the Board. Six people have stepped up and decided that they would like to run for the Board. As there are six open positions and six candidates running unopposed, there is no reason to have a formal election, plus the weather, outages etc., put a damper on holding an in-person election. 

The new Board members are: Jim S., Patricia G., Gary B., and Jean H.

Karin R. and Dee Ann B. have re-upped for another term and will continue in their positions of Secretary and Membership respectively. The new Board positions will be posted in the upcoming 2022 Roster and in the March newsletter.

The first Board Meeting will be Monday, January 10th at 6:30pm via ZOOM.

Thank you to the following members who previously served on the Board: Ron Carmichael, Nikki Granholm, Ray Gedney, and Bill Bowman. We appreciate your service and time to the Club.

Interested in being on the Board? Contact any Board Member for more information. The next election is in 2023.

There will not be a February 2022 Club Newsletter

As there’s usually not a lot going on right now with the club in February and March, the Board decided that the February newsletter will be combined with the March newsletter. You will still be getting club emails to keep you informed. The next newsletter will come out March 2nd. Thank you for your understanding.

A special THANK YOU to the 2021 Christmas Party Committee

The committee: Jo Ann B., Dee Ann and Bruce B., Patricia G., Janet H., Paula B., and Karin R.. With special assistance from local artists and friends: Mim Meakin, Glenda Cunningham, Bonnie Hawthorne, Francine Holland, Milan Young, David Blakley, and Diane Wilkinson. 

This team worked so hard to pull together the 2021 Christmas party and they are amazing. They volunteered not really knowing what to expect and for three months came together to create – cutting, gluing, painting and ultimately building works of art that were our Christmas party centerpieces. It was as close as any of us had ever gotten to being contractors…but in most cases, we had to think like builders…adding additions, doors, windows… Did frustration and mistakes happen? We’ll never tell… because after each session, we came back and completed a total of sixteen different, imaginative centerpieces! After it was all said done, the biggest thing to come out of it were stronger and better built friendships. That’s the best part. 

A special thanks to Susan for letting us use her studio to ‘construct’ and store our houses…to the merry sound of woodpeckers. 

Happy New Year and Thank you! You are all amazing artists and friends!

Susan Barry and Diane Blakley
2021 Christmas Party Co-Chairpersons