Kudos and Announcements – Feb. and Mar. 2022

Roamin Angels Elections were held and approved at the 2022 Annual Meeting.

Following is the new list of Directors and brief responsibilities.

Jim R. – President.  Conducts monthly Board meetings and Annual Meetings.  Represents the Club at outside functions. Manages Board members and personally welcomes new members.

Gary B. – Vice President and Legislation.  Stand in for President as needed.  Coordinate and help with large activities.  Keeps Board and Members up to date on legislation  that may affect our Club and/or interests.

Karin R. – Secretary and Sunshine.  Prepares meeting minutes.  Manage the Post Office  Box and handle all correspondence.  Mails out cards to Members in the event  of illness or death to Club Members and/or their families.

Jean H. – Treasurer.  Accountable for all club monies.  Provides monthly financial status to the Board.  Pays all Club bills and keeps financial records.

Dee Ann B. – Membership.  Maintains all membership information.  Processes all new member applications.  Issues membership cards and Club rosters.

Jim G. – Scholarship.  Maintains all scholarship applications and coordinates with the high school faculty who help in the selection of recipients.  

Pat G. – Community Services.  Point of contact for car related requests.  Coordinates car activities and fun runs with other car clubs.  Works with other non-profits in the area when we are asked to help.

Jim S. – Events.  Prepares calendar of events for the Monthly newsletter.  Is provided  information from other resources and is responsible for getting the information to the Club Members.  This would include rod runs and/or car shows.  

Jack L. – Facilities.  Responsible for maintaining and keeping inventory of the contents in our storage facility.  Coordinates with Club members needing anything from the storage facility such as tables, chairs, etc.  Works closely with the car show directors in providing equipment, etc.

Thank you and congratulations to all of our new Board of Directors.