Kinda Like Old Times

Those of you attending our Roamin Angel’s yearly meeting in February heard me talk about efforts to help jump start the Grass Valley Downtown show. Hopefully we’ll stop adding COVID in these conversations as a variable, but in this case it was still in the mix. 

The staffing and management of the GVDA changed, the Mill Street refurbish schedule was still in the air, the State & County rules remained variables.  

COVID  v.s. Cars!

The good news is it’s all coming together. The reason ? ……Us.

We had the knowledge. We had the experience. We have the connections. Most importantly? We have the volunteers. 

On the one hand it’s amazing to me that so many Roamin Angels stepped up and joined in. People like John Klein now living out of the area. New members like Pam Keeshan-Ford, Bill Croker and Don Miguel. Founding Fathers like Lanny and Ray. Do’ers like Karin R., Jerry F., Daryl C., Pat and Richard G., Mike T., John P., Bill B., Christy B., Gary B., the Hessels and Dias. 

On the other hand, I’m not surprised at all. A chance to do something with the people and cars we love at the events we cherish. To do something for the community. To stir up future generations to use their head and hands. That’s what we do. 

You can still sign up for the Downtown show by visiting Come on down the 23rd of April and help talk up the Club and our future events and doings.  

We have a very limited amount of spaces to park vehicles on Mil St. The dozen spots will be reserved for people  who have nurtured the hobby and helped tease the next generation in. Who have fought that COVID monster every Saturday. Who have some cars that will motivate people. Who can tell the Roamin Angel  story. Come see who they are. 

Thanks to all the volunteers currently signed up to help.

– Mike H