July Announcements, Kudos & Just For Fun

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback - Christine I.

Announcements & Observations:

From Lanny N. regarding the Friday morning breakfast location change:

Humpty Dumpty Restaurant in Grass Valley“In spite of the fact that I haven’t been a regular for a while, I will miss knowing it was there. Are you aware that this completes the circle? We started the Roamin Angels at Humpty [Dumpty], it was around 1983, I believe. There were only 3 of us – Carman Clabo, Jim Bietz and myself. Shirley Telum was our waitress and we sat in the back booth. Soon we were joined by Ray Y., Rose S., Clare M., and the list kept on growing. When we got to fourteen regulars it was time to find another place. We tried several but none seemed to work.

Eventually, we tried the Breakfast Club and that seemed to be a good fit. Then, when Steve A. and [his wife] Diane bought it, it became almost like our own personal clubhouse. Ah, those were the days! 😄 We thought they would never end. When the Breakfast Club changed hands and we were handed our walking papers, we ended up at IHOP. That had a good run and included some great waitresses. Now it is time to move again, and the circle is completed – right back where we started. A little older, hopefully a little wiser and still rolling down the road in our old cars.”

Friday Breakfast Get Togethers has been shifted to Humpty Dumpty, upstairs, Friday mornings, 7:00am – effective June 14th. 11711 E. Main Street, Grass Valley. This is a permanent move until life changes and dictates otherwise.

ATTENTION: We need 3-convertibles to escort WWII Veterans in opening ceremonies during the Grass Valley Air Show on July 20th. Please contact Pat G. if you would like to volunteer yourself as a driver and your convertible for this wonderful honor. Also, if you would like to display your special interest car at the Air Show, please contact Christy B or Pat G for your entry ticket and more information.

Click here for more information about the 2019 Air Fest.


Lincoln Car Show Winners

Congratulations to Christine I. and her 1965 Ford Mustang – she won the Mightiest Muscle Car Award.
Congratulations to Mel I. and his 1933 Willys Coupe – he won the Lincoln’s Finest Award.

2018 service award presented to Claude H. by President Jim R.

Service Award Presented

At the last car show meeting, the Board Members who were present, presented Claude H. with his 2018 Service Award plaque. Claude wasn’t able to attend the Annual Meeting when the service awards are usually presented. Congratulations and thanks for your service to the club.

Photo: 2018 service award presented to Claude H. by Club President, Jim R.

Another KUDO about Survive the Drive III


Submitted by Pat G.