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Gearhead stories from then and now.
Lanny 1959 A Blast from the Past - I was 16 years old and trying to be a bad-ass kool guy. I had the hair slicked down with Palmaid, a cigarette between my lips and, of course, a real black leather jacket. My car was a 1947 Ford coupe with a built flathead and twin carburetors. In my mind at least, I was kool.
Sunflower seeds and mice Sunflower Seeds - George's on-going saga about his 1940 Ford pickup affectionately known as the “Brazen Hussy”. Claudette, his wife loves birds. Birds love sunflower seeds. Mice love sunflower seeds. Mice love to save sunflower seeds. Mice love to save sunflower seeds in the doors of The Hussy. That's the short of it.
Back to the Early 1950s Back to the Early 50s - I remember when you only wore your PF flyers to gym class. I turn the radio to K-AHI, and listen to some of that old time rock and roll. Funny it must be Dae ju vue. (That's French ya know). About 50 years ago I was workin on the same kind of car. Only I paid $50.00 for it then.
Story about the mid-1950s Back to the Mid-50s - By the mid 50's, times was a changin, most of us had some sort of vehicle we were able to keep running. Regular gas was about $.21cents per gal. and Ethel was about $.25, and that was for 100 plus octane. By now most of us were hangin out at Charlie Sphan's Texaco station. Besides his son Mike hung out with us. He was always makin a run for burgers to the White Castle...
Steve's toy jeep My Favorite Automotive Gift- We were living in Burlingame, CA in 1945 when I believe I got this under/beside the Christmas Tree. I was 4 years old at the time. The story I remember is that, being it was during WWII, metal and rubber were at a premium, somehow my Dad was able to get the wood for my Jeep.
Len's Mopar Dyno Challenge at the Mopars- Len went to enter his car and get everything set up. When he came back, he took the Challenger and set out to find the dyno.When he got 'there,' Len found they were dynoing blown and turbo-diesel trucks. His thought was: 'I was nuts to enter this. There is no chance to compete with them'.
'40 Ford coupe Joy Riding in the 60s - It is hard to believe now, but a certain car dealership used to leave the keys in their “loaner” cars. They were parked in back of the building, out of sight from the road and not far from my house. I had my little neighborhood gang that I ran with and my younger brother had his little group.
'57 Fairlane Pat's '57 Ford Fairlane Convertible - Pat is wistfully remembering the golden days of his senior year in High School in his 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 convertible, tearing up the streets of Grass Valley and Nevada City. Ah, to be back in 1964 behind the wheel, with the white top down, the 312 cubic inch motor growling through the twin Glasspacs.
'65 Shelby Don's '65 Shelby GT - Vintage racing was just beginning and the GT had a racing history, so Don decided to go racing. One of Don’s favorite memories is taking 5th in his class at the Portland International Races on Saturday and then getting 1st in his class on Sunday at the Forest Grove Concourse after spending the night pulling weeds out of his radiator.
  Gary - Chevy vs. Ford - He has owned, not one, but two, of the most desired of automotive creations: a 1934 Ford three window coupe; and a 1957 Chevy Bel Air two door hard top. He sold one of these two jewels to marry the girl of his dreams.
  Welcome to Henry's Garage - Welcome to my shop! Glad you’re here. I hope that when we’re done working on your car we’ll have become real good friends. But before you begin let me get a few things out on the table.
  Muscle Cars & Me - I've always loved American Muscle Cars. My Mom & Dad took me to lots of hot rod shows as I was growing up.
  Beware of "Free Things" - There are two type’s of people in this world, those that collect things, and those that don’t. Most car people belong to that first category. That would include me.
  Lanny's Resurrecting a '55 TBird. Check out the pictures and story...
  My First Car Accident - On a hot, summer day about 3 years ago (so I was 11), once again my dad, Barry, asked me to help him move an old car.
  It’s Time to Re-think the Garage - Home builders and contractors out there……Why on earth do I have to purchase a multimillion dollar mansion in order to get a three or four car garage?

Don's scrap with the Law - My daughter ran across this photo of my high school sweetheart.

Fishin' For 'Cuda - The real story was on the drive home Monday on our way to the Cal Neva Lodge for breakfast at State Line.

A Drive to Hawaii - I ran across this really old newspaper article while Christina and I were cleaning out one of our storage rooms...

Garagemahal – Dave builds his dream garage. Garages are an unusual place. I think when man went into his first cave looking for shelter; he actually went into the first garage...

Buried Treasure - I went for a walk about and noticed that someone a long time ago had pushed a car off a dirt road on our property over a low cliff...



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