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Anyone who wonders what makes the Roamin Angels not "just another car club" need look no further than our scholarship program. These are thousand dollar per year scholarships that can be continued for a total of two years that the student is in school as long as he or she meets the requirements. A primary requirement that the student's area of study is automotive-related. That means we are preparing the world for more gearheads and, in doing so, perpetuating our hobby.

Every year we canvas the local high school for applicants. All of the candidates we find seemed qualified, making the choice very difficult. Our recipients are chosen by an able panel of nine of your Roamin Angels compatriots.

Thanks to all of you that have made these scholarships available by your hard work and encourage more to do so. And when you buy your raffle ticket you can say, "Hey, I don't care about getting the engine, I just want to help the kids." You might even make someone believe it.

Scholarship Guidelines

Inquire about the Roamin Angel Scholarships

Roamin Angels, Salvation Army, Thanksgiving Food Distribution, Toy Drive, Christmas FoodSALVATION ARMY

Salvation Army Canteen truck
Salvation Army's 1950 Dodge emergency disaster relief van
What’s With All This Salvation Army Stuff?

What is the connection between the Salvation Army and the Roamin Angels? It is merely a friendship and a common interest in doing a little for those in need at the holiday season. We do our toy drive and collect a lot of “goodies” for the kids. But how do we distribute them so that word gets out to those who might not otherwise have a Christmas? Are we going to try to organize and staff the system necessary to make sure people aren’t just taking toys because they’re free instead out of need?

The answer is that we let the Salvation Army do it. Yes, we also help them do the interviews and actual distribution for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but they do all the boring and tedious paperwork and contacting the people. We work together as allies. Simple as that.

SALVATION ARMY – Holiday Food Distribution & Christmas Toy Drive

Edie Heller recipient of the Salvation Army 'Other' award.June 2007
Congratulations to Edie H. for being the recipient of the "Others" Award from the Salvation Army. Only 100 of these honors are given out annually worldwide.



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