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March 2019

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First Car Show Meeting
March 12, 2019 • 5:30pm
Salvation Army Hall, 10725 Alta St., Grass Valley
All Members Welcome!

2019 Roamin Angels' Cruisin the Pines Car Show Poster.
This year's poster will feature a blast from the past with cars that were owned by Mike Z., John K., Dick T. and Ray Y.

Congratulations to Bruce & Lynne K. and their group who put together the Roamin Angels' display at Autorama. They won the Outstanding Club Display award! Way to go!

Congrats also to Mel I. and his 33 Willys Coupe- won BEST HOT ROD! Christy B. won an award for his Corvair Rampside Van.

THE RAFFLE ENGINE WILL BE AT THE SACRAMENTO SWAP MEET! Is anyone going to the Sacramento Swap Meet on April 27th?

Is anyone going to want a 20x20 space to sell car parts at the Sacramento Swap Meet? Get some guys and go in together!
As I mentioned, John Sweeney, who is in charge of the Swap Meet, will put us together next to the engine trailer in a prime location. I want to give him head count ASAP. You can also contact Randy K. regarding helping out with the Engine raffle ticket sales. More information available soon.
Randy K.
925-323-6000 or

Info on Sacramento Swap Meet: Sacramento Swap meet at Cal Expo, has invited us to bring the Raffle Trailer as well as offered swap meet spaces for the Angels that would be all together. We need to let him know how many spaces we want as they are pre-assigned this year. The date for the event is Saturday April 27th. (Set up is Friday)
To get a vendor application go to:

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Thanks to everyone who helped with all the things the club did in 2018. We pulled off another great car show, provided much needed and appreciated scholarships, helped Grass Valley with their car show, helped young people to be safer drivers, gave a lot of joy for Christmas, enjoyed trips, dinners, game nights, and a host of other things.

This year will be another great year in our clubs history. The 20th anniversary of Cruisin' the Pines Car Show, helping the Grass Valley Downtown car show, fun trips, dinners, well you get the picture. The Roamin Angels isn't just a car club but a great group of people who enjoy life and helping others. We should take time to collective pat ourselves on the back for a job well done for our community. According to club history we started out helping the community to show we were not just a group of rough hot rodders just showing off our cars by tearing up the streets of town. Instead by helping stranded people we became their angels.   

I hope the club continues to grow and prosper and that is where each member comes in. We need new faces in our club with new energy and new ideas. We also welcome the newest members who have joined our ranks this year. Each one of us needs to encourage our fellow car enthusiasts to join our club and enjoy what we have to offer. Especially younger people who have the energy to force the club to bloom into the future. Those of us who have the energy and time to help with the 20th anniversary car show please come and help. We need a bunch of folks to do some important and not very difficult jobs for the show.

We also need people for the 2020 car show to come forward and help that show happen. Mike Hauser has done a great job putting together the past few years car shows and now it is time to pass that honor to someone else. That someone could be you. Please think this over and offer your help for the 2020 car show. Now is the time because you can learn this year from Mike all the things that need to be done and discover that it is not as hard as you might have thought. Cruisin' the Pines is by far the best car show in California. Thousands come from all over to enjoy the event. And, the best part is we are able to contribute to our great town and county using the proceeds of the show for many philanthropic deeds.

Thanks again to all of our members for making the Roamin Angels one great car club!
Jim R.

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