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Salvation Army's 'Others' Award
awarded to Edie Heller

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What does Edie Heller have in common with Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra conductor Erich Kunzl, certain mayors that include Chicago’s Mayor Daley, commentator Paul Harvey, Gen. Colin Powell and Ronald Reagan?The same thing that she has in common with several prestigious police chiefs, bank presidents, CEO’s of major corporations, educators, doctors, and religious leaders. They are all part of a select group that have been honored with the Salvation Army’s “Others Award.” The “Others Award” was inspired by Salvation Army founder William Booth, who, in the early 1900’s was asked to give a one-word description of the army’s mission and a word of inspiration to its troops. His response, “others,” was telegraphed to the troops around the world and has been inspiring Salvationists ever since. The “Others” Award is given to an individual or organization who exemplifies a spirit of service to others that is above and beyond. Only one hundred of these awards are given worldwide each year, and only one of those can be given in any community. And Edie Heller has been honored with this award.

Edie has labored long and hard for many years in organizing the Roamin Angels’ Annual Christmas Toy Drive for needy children in the area, as well as doing the same for the distribution of the Christmas Toys and of food to families in the area for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is her tireless efforts, coupled with fellow Roamin Angels who assist in the physical work, that make this aid to the community happen.

A small example of how Edie will go the extra mile or more was a couple of years ago when there were not enough bikes for all the children who wanted one to receive one. Although it was night, with many stores closed, she tried to locate enough bike, locks and helmets. Not finding enough locally, they drove to Auburn to get them. It was very late when they returned home, but Edie was back at the distribution center the next morning to make sure everything went properly. For seven years, by the time Christmas arrived, all Edie wanted to do was to put her feet up and relax. That is until the next year, when it started all over again. When, once again, Edie would sacrifice her Christmas so that others in the community might have a Christmas. Putting those “others” first is why Edie Heller was honored with the Others Award and joined such an esteemed group.

Photo: Major Keene, head of the Salvation Army in Grass Valley, and Edie