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Venice Beach 1920

Dodger Stadium Construction 1961

Pacific Electric Subway Cars

Reseda Blvd from Devonshire

Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks 1910-1920

Venice beach "bathing beauties"

Los Feliz Blvd in Atwater Village , 1920

Flooded street intersection, 6th and Mariposa 1920

Courthouse and Hall of Records

Hall of Records

7th and  Broadway

7th and Broadway

6th Street  Bridge

6th Street Bridge

Wilshire  Blvd.

Wilshire Blvd.

Ocean Piers

Ocean Piers

Broadway and  6th

Broadway and 6th

Hill and 3rd  1978

Hill and 3rd 1978

Bunker Hill Homes  1969

Bunker Hill Homes 1969

Forced eviction of  Chavez Ravine 1959 (for Dodger Stadium)Forced eviction of  Chavez Ravine 1959 (for Dodger Stadium)

Forced eviction of Chavez Ravine 1959 (for Dodger Stadium)

Chavez Ravine  1950

Chavez Ravine 1950

Garfield and Slauson  1941 (look at all that open space!)Garfield and Slauson  1941 (look at all that open space!)

Garfield and Slauson 1941 (look at all that open space!)

View from City Hall  1930

View from City Hall 1930

Bellevue Terrace  Hotel 6th and Figueroa 1900

Bellevue Terrace Hotel 6th and Figueroa 1900

Santa Monica  Beach  1900

Santa Monica Beach 1900

Alameda Street Flood  1900

Alameda Street Flood 1900

Glendale 1900

Glendale 1900

San Fernando Valley  1900

San Fernando Valley 1900

Los Angeles Before  1900

Los Angeles Before 1900

The  Port of  Los  Angeles 1900

The Port of Los Angeles 1900

Pasadena 1900   (Look at those beautiful mountains, no  smog!!)

Pasadena 1900 (Look at those beautiful mountains, no smog!!)

- Submitted by Bobbie & Dennis B. 3-2011


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