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September 2013

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2014 Membership Application comes out in the October newsletter. The 2014 membership application needs to be filled out in full as we are updating and verifying our current database. The application will be available in the October newsletter, online at the Roamin Angels website and it will also be emailed out to everyone who is on the current email distribution listing.

"There is a revised application for new and returning members on our website. Please fill the application out in full this year as there have been lots of changes from the 2013 roster. Also, any applications not POSTMARKED by December 31, 2013 will NOT be in the 2014 roster. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! I know that this is going out early, but I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to be informed."

Winnie Vierra, Membership Chairperson

What year did you join the Roamin Angels?
Please let Winnie Vierra, Membership Chairperson know. You can email her at Not sure when that was? Just let her know approximately when you joined so she can update the membership database. Thank you for your help on this project.

Geezer Picnic • Oct. 5th • Volunteers Needed
Meat Carvers (Need 3) • Food Arrangers (Need 2)
Pre Clean-Up (Need 4) • Post Clean-Up (Need 4)
Bocce Ball Coordinator (Need 1) • Horseshoes Coordinator (Need 1)
Raffle Ticket Sales (Need 2) • Poker Drawing: (Need 1)
Board Game Coordinator (Need 1)
Please call Don C. 273-9371


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President's Message
General Meeting Minutes

August 26, 2013 • 6PM
Salvation Army, Grass Valley

September News By Mr. Cruise

You're likely to be reading this within hours of the 14th Annual Cruisin' the Pines car show. A lot of work by a lot of people have gone into it's production. Thanks to one and all.

A car show is about to happen!

If you are still procrastinating about entering a car still have the opportunity. Walk you and your check book over to see John Klein at gate 5 Friday after about 2pm or get in line Saturday morning around 6am. Or…….

Just discovered the trip to Poughkeepsie to visit the Sister-in-law has been canceled? Mosey on over to Gate 1 on Saturday and see Linda Pritchard at the volunteer table. There's always something that needs doing and Linda will know where to steer you.

We all have committed to this show for one reason or another. Whatever your motivation is be it visitor, Security, Gate, participant, BBQ'er….or? The most important job you have is to represent the Roamin Angels. Take the time to thank a participant. Tell a vendor you appreciate them being at our show. Thank a Scout. Make a show attendee feel like we've done it all for that individual. Ask them what we can do better. Most importantly, you be the person that turns that kid on to these cars and hobby just like someone did for you. You just never know where that will go.

After the 8th ? Rest…..then…..

You can head over to Alta Sierra Pizza Grill if you just can't get enough car show for their show & shine. George will host Pizza on the 4th and the 18th at Round Table for pre and post car show gossip. Game night at Salvation Army happens again at the end of the month. Don't forget Mel's.

The heads up for October is the Geezer PIK NIK on the 5th at Condon Park. See the news letter flyer for all the details. Diane and Pat G are scheduled to lead a "Fall Colors" cruise on the 19th. I'm guessing Diane might make the first road trip in the Bomb.

Mr. Cruise and Ash are working on staging a drive–in movie night at "Big A" before the weather turns. We'd tentatively make it a Friday evening. The local "Tuners" routinely gather there Fridays

just like you did back in the day. We thought we'd share what we have in common… which is our cars…. do a little BS'in and watch a flick. Stay tuned.

What you don't see at this writing is a Mystery Cruise. It's a project putting one together and we just don't have someone to do it. Want to be a hero and throw something together? Give me a buzz and we'll make it work…. or…..wait till 2014.

You have no excuses.

Club Activities - questions and answers? Check with Mr. Cruise, Mike Hauser, Activities Chairperson.

See the Club Calendar. If you have an event or cruise you would like to suggest or lead, contact Mr. Cruise (aka Mike H.) at


Terry - PresidentPresident's message
Ladies and gentlemen the time is almost here when the Roamin Angels Car Club gets to "show and shine" by producing and hosting "The Best Little Car Show" in the west. Our +/-650 participants will be making the final adjustments and putting yet another coat of wax on their rods, classics and customs this coming weekend in preparation for their yearly "Cruisin' the Pines" adventure.

Dave B. and Mike H., together with their team of chairpersons, have put together a really big show. The focus is still on the cars but the participants and spectators will be treated to both the traditional and some new, innovative exhibits and entertainment. There should be something for everybody to enjoy a weekend in one of the most beautiful fairgrounds in California.

So once again, let's get all of oars in the water at the same time and pulling in the same direction. This is our time to show members of our hobby and our community what a weekend of family fun, beautiful cars, food, exhibits and some great entertainment should look and sound like. Let's all do our best to make every guest happy that they came to our show.

Tomorrow morning I should get the final Ok from the Executive Director at Hospice of the Foothills to conduct our "FALLEN ANGEL" memorial at their facility on Friday, September 13th at 8:00AM. Dee Ann B. and Winnie V. with the assistance of our Club Chaplain, John K. are in charge of this short but very meaningful "Moment of Remembrance". The Hospice facility is located just outside of Grass Valley on Rough and Ready Highway and they have a very serene and beautiful memorial garden where the Angels can gather to spend a few minutes remembering those members who are no longer with us and have gone ahead on "Heaven's Highway". Because so many have received help from the Foothill Hospice, the Board felt that it is totally appropriate for the Club to make a donation to assist this non-profit organization continue their very worthwhile community service. It was their Development Director who suggested that we have a brief ceremony when Kathy and I met with him. The Board is hopeful that every member who can attend will plan on doing so.

Our primary focus at this time of year is on our upcoming car show, however, the business of the Club (Corporation) must also be handled. Besides the on-going everyday issues, currently the Board is reviewing a comprehensive Scholarship Policy, Election of Officers and Directors Policy and a review of the Club Bi-Laws. In an organization like the Roamin Angels some things, frankly, just take time to work out all of the details and to make sure that all of bases have been covered. The Board will keep the membership fully informed as these issues move forward.


Enough Said – Have A Cool August – Keep All 4 on the Road
Catch Ya on the Flip Side,

Board Highlights
Monday, August 26, 2013 • Salvation Army, Grass Valley

Meeting called to order at 6:03 PM.
Open Forum – Claude H. inquired about possibly starting Friday morning breakfast a little later, possibly at 7:00 AM with announcements to be made around 7:30. He was advised that Terry would check with the manager at IHOP and it will be brought up at the next Board Meeting.
All Board members present except Nikki G. 35 other members in attendance.
Consent Items
Agenda approved. Motion to accept by Edie H. and seconded by Landon S.
Correspondence – Thank you letter from Mike Bratton Insurance and a card expressing excitement over the upcoming car show.
Minutes from the July General Meeting approved.
Treasurer's report given by Terry in Nikki's absence.
Board Member Reports
Dave B. – Voting committee presented report at the Board Meeting on 8-19. Report will be streamlined and more to come.
Winnie V. – New application for members is now available. If the application for renewal is not received by December 31st, the late fee will be imposed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Also, if the December 31st deadline is not met, Member will not be in the new roster.
John P. – Scholarship guidelines were presented at the Board Meeting on 8-19. The possibility of expanding outside Nevada Union and Bear River High Schools will be discussed.
DeeAnn B. – Introduced Sidney, the New Salvation Army Major. Nolie had neck surgery. Lynn P. had a back injury. Tina Yedding had a stent put in. Bill at IHOP had a heart attack. Alzina D. had surgery on her wrist after a fall. A new member, Mark Vellrath, was introduced. On a happy note (for a change), Phil Traina recently got married. We wish Phil and Ailene much happiness.
Greg M. – The State is still trying to get rid of the classic cars. As of late, they are too busy working on other matters to be focusing much time on this.
Mike H. – The geezer picnic has been changed to October 5. It will be at Condon Park. Cost is $5. Contact Don Clayton if you would like to volunteer to help set up, etc. No Mystery Tour this year. We didn't have anyone volunteer to plan one
Terry E. – Nothing new to report.
Old Business
Car show update – The First Aid station will be handled differently this year. There will be nurse volunteers and we will use 911 for emergencies. It will be at the same location on Treat Street. Linda P. will head up the Information Booth and is still looking for some volunteers to help out.
New Business
The presentation of the check to Hospice of The Foothills will be made on Friday, September 13 at 8:30 AM. You can caravan after breakfast or just meet there to the Rear by the Memorial Garden. This will be in honor of all of our Fallen Angels. Contact Terry E. or DeeAnn B. with any names you may have that you want to include.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM. A cruise was made by several Members to Big A for dinner.

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