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October 2013

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Mike presents his co-chair from the car show at poster of Dave.Dave At Large: At the September General Meeting - Mike Hauser presented his Co-Car Show Chairperson Dave Brown with a large poster of Dave in his cowboy hat.

Ash R. and Mike W. have consented to handle the engine and engine raffle for next year. It was suggested that money received be donated to the Toy Drive or other local charities as there is a surplus amount of money in the Scholarship Fund now.

BUZZARD ALERT: Ken D. has posted a new video of Bonneville 2012. The below address should get you to a 3.55 minute video of us at Bonneville 2012. Hope you enjoy it. Bonneville Buzzards 2012 as a search on YouTube, also works.

2014 Membership Application comes out in the October newsletter. The 2014 membership application needs to be filled out COMPLETELY as we are updating and verifying our current database. The application will also be available online at the Roamin Angels website and it will also be emailed out to everyone who is on the current email distribution listing. Your applications needs to be POSTMARKED by December 31, 2013 to be included in the 2014 roster. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

"I know that this is going out early, but I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to be informed." –Winnie Vierra, Membership Chairperson. Contact her at

What year did you join the Roamin Angels?
Please let Winnie Vierra, Membership Chairperson know. You can email her at Not sure when that was? Just let her know approximately when you joined so she can update the membership database. Thank you for your help on this project.

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October 28, 2013 • 6PM
Salvation Army, Grass Valley

October News By Mr. Cruise

Jim, the owner of "Big A" drive in, called me on a Sunday morning. He was panicked because he had calendared the Roamin Angels for a trip in on the same date as the Roadents. The concern was "Did we get along" with the Roadents? Would there be trouble? My mental image was a rumble between a bunch of 60 somethings with hip and knee replacements going at it!

It's the jalapeños folks.

Anyway, I assured him we all get along, even…. with the foreign car guys. So Jim set this up as thanks to all of us.

Ash touched bases with his import tuner group, The Roadents tossed their rust in, I notified the foreign car group and the end result is we'll all be at "Big A cruise in Night" Wednesday October 9th 6 pm'ish courtesy of "Big A".

This is not the Drive in movie night we've been working on and talked about last month although, Roamin Angel Radio FM 107.1 may be on the air. We've got the projector, we've got the sound worked out (FM 107.1), and we have the first movie ready. The logistics of a screen and parking have slowed us down. Never fear. I know how much you are looking forward to…I kid you not…."Hot Rod Girls save the World". Yes, scantily clad women driving rods the Buzzards & Roadents can identify with and!!!!.....fighting zombies!!!

Give me a Tool Time Tim… R RRR R RRR Rh!

Can it get any better???? Stay tuned.

In September it looked like it slowed a bit for Fall. I looked at the October calendar and it's quite the opposite, especially if you like to eat. Mel's, Alta Sierra Pizza, Big A, Geezer Pik NIK (remember, it's now the 6th not the 5th), Round Table Pizza nights, and a potluck at Salvation Army. It could be a cold Winter. Never hurts to bulk up just in case.

Swap the hats…………
Thanks to one and all for helping at the car show. Hope you enjoyed the happenings. The content was a little different. Our goal was to attract and have attractions for a younger generation of classic car people at the gate while maintaining our base of current generation entrants.

"Kilroys" and "Mr. Wizard" were intended to give kids a hands on experience and give know nothings like me an opportunity to talk with an expert about doing car stuff. The Buzzards, Haemmig Racing and Riebes added the noise and anticipation of speed to the mix. How can you be a kid and not love holding your ears and feeling the rumble! Sierra College and Sac State proved you can live your passion in your education. Sierra College said they handed out 400+ info packets on the automotive program and shared the implementation of their new returning Vet auto programs. The CHP hopefully scared the be-jesus out of everyone with the Roll over demos. Isn't it a good sign that they are out there recruiting again! KVMR, Off Broad Street , Road Test and even the Sneaky Tikis provided the sound track to every car happening. Some of it was yours, some of it was theirs. That's OK . I'll bet your parents rarely agreed with your music choices but I'll bet you have a car memory alive and well with your own tunes. Now, so do they. That was the idea.

And who wouldn't like a shot at $50K and the voids it could fill?

So, #14 is in the bag. The wrap up meeting is on the 8th and then on to #15.

See the flyers in the news letter for what's happening.

You have no excuses.
Mr. Cruise aka Mike Hauser

Club Activities - questions and answers? Check with Mr. Cruise, Mike H., Activities Chairperson.

See the Club Calendar. If you have an event or cruise you would like to suggest or lead, contact Mr. Cruise (aka Mike H.) at


Terry - PresidentPresident's message
The Roamin Angels pulled off another great "Cruisin' the Pines" Car Show thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the membership, the leadership provided by our co-chairmen, Mex and Tex (Mike H. and Dave B.) and all of the committee chairpersons. At last night's General Business Meeting, Nikki G. reported to-date numbers indicate a net profit of around $25,000. This is slightly down from last year's profit as were the totals for registered cars and spectators.

I've been asked how does the Club measure success if all the financial numbers are down? My answer is simple. The participants had a great time and are looking forward to next year's show. The primary reason that the Roamin Angels has produced 14 consecutive car shows is for the benefit of our hobby and the folks that enjoy owning, driving and showing their classic, custom and hot rod cars. If they leave with a smile and thanks for great show, THAT's SUCCESS!!

Thanks to Danny G. for his assistance with the "Heaven's Highway" Memorial at the recent "Hour of Remembrance" that was held at the Hospice of the Foothills facility. Thanks also to Dee Ann B., Winnie V. and to our Club Chaplain, John K for helping to coordinate and make this a truly special event.

The Board approved a new Scholarship Program Policy at our September 16th meeting. This is a huge achievement for the Board and the Club. This new comprehensive policy ties down all of the details as to how the Scholarship Director and the committee shall manage the program. It also widens the scope of the program to allow for the children, grand-children and even great grand-children of any member to apply for a scholarship regardless of where they live as long as they meet the other requirements. The Policy also provides for returning vets to apply if they otherwise qualify. There is also a provision to assist certain ROP programs. The important point is that this is all in a written policy format that anyone and everyone can read and understand. This document will be in the October newsletter for all members to read over and give feedback to John if desire too.

At the same meeting the Board decided to table the issue of how the Club conducts the yearly election of Directors until after the Annual Meeting in February, 2014. The options for changing the voting procedure, including the option to not change anything, will be presented to the membership in the 2013 Membership Survey. The current Board will recommend that the new Board place this issue at the top their priority list.

Another decision that the Board made was to investigate the possibility of joining ACCC at the 2014 AutoRama Clubhouse. This decision was prompted by 2 new members making the offer to chair a 2014 engine raffle campaign. Both Mike H. and Dave B. expressed the opinion that our participation at AutoRama could help attract participants for our next car show. Although additional money is currently not needed for the Scholarship Fund, the Board believes that proceeds from an engine raffle could be used for the Toy Drive Fund or possibly other worthwhile community needs. This topic will also be included on the upcoming Survey.

Enough Said – Have A Cool August – Keep All 4 on the Road
Catch Ya on the Flip Side,

Board Highlights
Monday, September 23, 2013 • Salvation Army, Grass Valley

Meeting called to order at 6:03 PM.
Open Forum –
• December 21st is the Christmas party at the Alta Sierra Country Club.
• October 6 is the Geezer picnic at Condon Park
• October 11 is the monthly cruise. This will be to the Oroville Fish Hatchery. We will leave right after breakfast.
• December 7 is the Toy Drive.
All Board Member s present. 21 Members were also present.
Consent items –
• Adjournment time from last month's meeting should read 6:40 PM.
• Treasurer's report given and approved. Nikki will add fixed assets to the report when finalized by Greg M. Motion for approval by Edie H. and seconded by Landon S.
• Correspondence –Flyer received about a car show on Oct. 12 at Mel's Diner in Auburn.
• The award mix-up at the Car Show has been resolved and put to rest. Copies of letters from participants on file.
Board Member Reports:
• Greg – Will continue to monitor Assembly bills #278 (Low Carbon Gas) and #1191 (Estimating fuel needs for the state up to 2020). Also suggested the possibility of using a water truck for the Fairgrounds prior to the show next year. This year's rain seemed very helpful and less costly than the hydro-seeding. Will be brought up at Car Show wrap-up meeting on Oct. 8.
• John – (See Scholarship info under Old Business.)
• Mike – Big "A" will have $2.00 hamburgers on October 9. Meet there at 6:00PM or so. A car show in Wheatland this upcoming weekend.
• Dave – Voting procedure options presented to Board. There will be a special meeting to continue with this process.
• Winnie – Getting 2014 Membership renewals already.
• Karin – Phone system appears to be resolved.
• Nikki – Nothing else to report.
• DeeAnn – Nothing to report.
Old Business –
• Mike presented Dave with a large poster of Dave in his cowboy hat. We were down at the gate and with car participants this year. The best car show financially was in 2008. The wrap-up meeting on Oct. 8 will be working on improvements and brainstorming for the next show.
• The voting procedure is tabled for the 2014 Board. Terry, Mike and Karin's positions will be up for election. It is foremost on the agenda for the new 2014 Board to establish a new voting policy/by-laws or to keep them as they exist.
• Terry still working on cleaning up some of the by-laws. Total revisions cannot be made until certain issues are decided.
• The new Scholarship policy drawn up by John P. will be in (this) month's newsletter. Money in the Scholarship Fund must have its "intended use" outlined. There is currently no policy in place. Suggestions will be gladly accepted for ideas on recruitment, etc.
New Business –
• Club renewal dues for 2014 remains at $40.00. Renewals MUST be postmarked by December 31st or a $25.00 late fee will be assessed. Please be sure and fill out the Membership renewal completely.
• Terry advised that the General Meetings will continue monthly and continue through January 2104, at which time the new board can made any changes. A survey of the Membership will be made.
• Ash R. and Mike W. have consented to handle the engine and engine raffle for next year. It was suggested that money received be donated to the Toy Drive or other local charities as there is a surplus amount of money in the Scholarship Fund now.
• Autorama – Terry will speak with Rex Roden of ACCC and see about us participating in the 2014 Autorama. Engine ticket sales have always been high at Autorama and it has been the first distribution of our car show application in years past. Volunteers will be needed to help sell tickets. Hopefully we could get into the main building.
• Wally K. requested the lists from the car show poster distribution. Be sure and advise names for Thank You notice for the Union Newspaper in October.
• The Buzzards will have a display at the Sacramento Auto Show October 18 thru 20th.
• Pat G. volunteered to head the sign-ups for the Salvation Army Holiday programs.
Meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM.

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