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Sac Auto Show 2013

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David and I have been going to the Sac Auto Show every year for 5 years now. This year, Bill & Karin R. went with us and we saw Ron O. and his friend Rick at the show. Its really a venue for new cars but they also have some really cool displays of other things too.

This year, they had the radio controlled drifter cars (first photo - top left below) which is a spin off of the old style forward-backward-turn type. The RC cars are on a track but as they go around the corners they sort of slide around the curves thus they 'drift'. We watched one car/operator who knew what he was doing as he effortlessly drifted around the curves and other cars on the track. It was fun to watch. The other exhibits there included car clubs - Camaro Generations, Tbird Club and the Mustangs - the horseless carriages, the vintage trailers and the motorcycles. There were also the art cars which included two vehicles that were used at Burning Man. One was a black horse with the head and tail made out of old tires. The other was something akin to a tank that used a messed up and holey body from a 59 El Camino. (Ron O.was a bit offended by that one accusing it of being a waste of a perfectly good car body)

The weather was perfect and we were at Cal Expo until the event closed at 8pm. Then we went over to Olive Garden and had dinner. It was once again a great show and we had a lot of fun.

– Story & Photos by Diane B.


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