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November 2013

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2014 Membership Application: The 2014 membership application needs to be filled out COMPLETELY as we are updating and verifying our current database. The application will also be available online at the Roamin Angels website and it will also be emailed out to everyone who is on the current email distribution listing. Your applications needs to be POSTMARKED by December 31, 2013 to be included in the 2014 roster. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

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Questions can be directed to Winnie Vierra, Membership Chairperson. Contact her at

Car Show Update: Dave B. and Mike H. are going to head up the 2014 Roamin Angels Car Show. Plus, many of the individual venues are being taken care of by the same people as well. Some chairpersons are opting out this year so they can do something different. Please contact either Dave or Mike if you are interested in working the car show next year.

Steve B. and Mike W. are stepping up to take over Friday night cooking, Barbara S. will assume gates and Lynn & Jim G. will take over from Herb P. as Liquor mavens.

Poster Distributers Thank You 2013: I would like to acknowledge all those who distribute posters for this year's Car Show. Thanks to all of you for your help and cooperation. Please let me know if I have omitted anyone's name. Wally K.
Ray Y., Terry E. , Dave G., James L., Sue B., Ron C., John ., George M., Pat G., Edie H., Karin R., Nikki G., Bruce B., Richard S., Bob W., Claude H., Norm D., Dick T.

What year did you join the Roamin Angels?
Please let Winnie Vierra, Membership Chairperson know. You can email her at Not sure when that was? Just let her know approximately when you joined so she can update the membership database. Thank you for your help on this project.

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November 25, 2013 • 6PM
Salvation Army, Grass Valley

November News By Mr. Cruise

It was a real interesting month for car stuff.

On a personal level… I got in the Vette about a month ago and was happily driving in with the sound blasting. About half way in I turned down the tunes because the car just didn't sound right. Nothing specific, just not right.

So after checking and rechecking everything I could think of and get to, it was time to take it to Duke at Gin's shop. Gin…"What's wrong? Mike….."It just doesn't sound right!" Gin…"What does that mean?" Mike…Sorry Gin "It just doesn't sound right!" Gin…"bring it in" A few hours later Duke had stuck his hand in and got between ground and # 8 wire and made an electrifying discovery! Cracked wire intermittently shorting. Thanks Duke and Gin! Drives like a top now. "Beer in Mexico" goes on , volume goes up, I go cruisin.

We had an interesting turn out for the Big "A" cruise in night. For the two hours I was there the parking lot was full even though cars were coming and going. Classics, Tuners, the VW club a few imports and some looky loo's. It was a real good mix of people and cars. It's always amazing to me the cars that show that aren't with the Club and I've never seen. It also reinforced that no matter how these cars change over time, across the generations and styles we love these 4 wheeled things.

Riebes came in with a last minute request for cars at a Breast Cancer fundraiser in Penn Valley. I know some of the "Tuner Kids" from the Big "A" cruise answered the call for support . Some all the way from Sac. I know we had at least a couple of cars there as well.

Mel's fundraising show for KAHI and the garage program was a success. See the president's article for details on that one.

Donuts & coffee on Saturday Mornings is still going strong. Really informal. Meets about 8am and departures happen as the "Honey Do" schedules beckon.

Looks like Rain is supposed to start mid November so we'll do the "Drive in Movie" we've talked about then. We are on at Smiley Guys BBQ for Saturday November 16th . We'll start festivities about 11:30am and get the movie up on three screens about noon. I think we'll extend invitations to the Placer Car Clubs and the other clubs here locally. We'll all be needing a car fix by then and who can resist Zombie fighting women in hot rods?

I've had a 2014 event Planning Meeting scheduled for November 2nd. I'm pulling the plug on that since I'm not continuing on the Board for 2014. It wouldn't be right to saddle someone else with pre cooked plans. I would suggest if you liked something, some event, or have something in mind jot it down and present your ideas to the new cruise director… or heh ….be the man/woman.

Switching Sombreros
Mex and Tex have formed an advisory car show group. The group's charter is to review the show and its' content and address what we see needs to be modified to make the show a continuing success.

The major problem we have is Sunday. We cannot continue to bill the show as a two day event to our good sponsors, our vendors, and the community if the show is realistically "Over" on Saturday. Most everything thing else seems a tweak in comparison.

The Club needs to thank our advisors Dusty S., Dick T., Landon S., Dave G. for spending a lot of time working through the issues. Mex and Tex will present our findings and suggestions to the Board, publish those findings, meet with the various Chairs then it's off to the races again making sure the 2014 and 15th annual Cruisin the Pines show is a success.

Mr. Cruise aka Mike H.

Club Activities - questions and answers? Check with Mr. Cruise, Mike H., Activities Chairperson.

See the Club Calendar. If you have an event or cruise you would like to suggest or lead, contact Mr. Cruise (aka Mike H.) at


Terry - PresidentPresident's message

The Board has called for a Special Meeting of the membership for November 25th at the Salvation Army. The decision was to utilize the last General Meeting of the year to present a report to the members from the Voting Procedure Committee. The primary purpose is to ask the members if they want the Board to continue working on this project or if they want to the Board to stop and leave the current voting procedures in place. A vote will called for after the Committee makes a presentation and the members have to time to ask questions, make comments and discuss the pros and cons on this matter. So, please mark your calendars and plan on attending this very important meeting that will start promptly at 6:00PM.

Believe it or not this is a really busy time of the year for the Board. In addition to the Special Membership Meeting, George Mueller and his election committee are busy gathering nominees for the upcoming election of directors, we are putting together the 2013 membership survey, Nancy J. and Glenda A. and busy working on the Christmas Party and Mike H. and Dave B. have a committee working on evaluating options to present to the Board for the 2014 Car Show. We also have Mike W. and Ash R. organizing a new 2014 Engine Raffle Program and we are looking into the Club participating in the 2014 AutoRama Car Show at CalExpo. I've already heard discussions about a 2014 Mystery Tour and Progressive Dinner Tour. There is talk about putting a cruise together to the Nostalgia Drags in March and I'm still investigating a long cruise to St Paul, MN to participate in the "Back to the `50's" Car Show. So, it appears that there will be a lot of events for the members to get involved with in 2014.

This year, the Board has decided to mail both the yearly survey and the election ballot to every member together with a self-addressed and stamped return envelope. Obviously we are hoping to get a larger response from the membership by taking this action. Last year we only received a response from about 25% of the members and we want as close to 100% as possible. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and vote for the members of the 2014 Board.

Thanks to all the members who submitted names to receive a 2013 Roamin Angels Service Award. The response was huge and very exciting; we have a long list of members who have gone "over the top" this year to help the Club with our events and community services. The Board will have a hard time picking the award winners who will honored at the annual Club Christmas Party. As a reminder, Nancy and Glenda will be selling tickets for the Christmas Dinner/Dance, highlighted by the usual outstanding performance from the Roamin Angels Choir of Angels.

Enough Said – Have A Cool August – Keep All 4 on the Road
Catch Ya on the Flip Side,

Board Highlights
Monday, October 28, 2013 • Salvation Army, Grass Valley

Meeting called to order at 6:02PM.
Open Forum – Pat G. asked how much money would be allotted for the Toy Drive and how many families the Club will adopt this year. She was told she could adopt however many families she felt necessary and use the money accordingly.

Roll Call – All present except Nikki G. and Winnie V. Eight (8) other Club Members present.
Consent Items – Terry presented the Treasuer's Report. Motion was made to accept the consent items by Edie H. and seconded by Greg M.

Other Board Member Reports
Dave B – Nothing to report

Karin R. – Nothing to report

John P. – He announced the Board had approved his Scholarship Policy. He will work on getting applicant. Possibly check with the Veteran's and make a veteran eligible for a scholarship if the veteran is within 18 months of discharge and based on need.

DeeAnn B. – Rosanne V. has had her cancer return. Christina N. is having hip surgery. Don Day has spinal cancer.

Greg M. – Bills in Sacramento are still trying to inch us out of our hobby. #549 is designed to have the State take care of their property. Somehow they have managed to bring up vehicle pollution and low usage. The limit would be set at 2,000 miles per year. Anything over 2,000 miles would be taxed. The State is still working on passing bill #1299.

Mike H. – The Roadents have invited us to Penny's Diner on Friday Nights beginning on Nov. 8 at 6:00PM. The diner will be open for dinner and possibly serving prime rib.

November 16 is designated as the "drive-In movie". This will be at Smiley Guy's BBW and the movies will start at noon. (They are some old classics ? from the past).

Nov. 23 is set up for our car pairing with the bell ringing for the Salv. Army.

G. Terry E. – Nothing to report.

Old Business
Car Show – Nothing to report other than P&L in the Treasurer's Report.
Voting and director elections – Ballots and survey will be mailed out with self-addressed stamped envelope to all members. Hopefully, this will get a better response. George M. will continue with his committee to get possible candidates to run for the Board.

New Business
Engine Raffle to be resurrected for 2014. Mike W. and Ash R. will be the co-chairs. The money to purchase the engine will come out of the Scholarship Fund and the profits will be put back into the Scholarship Fund and Toy Drive.

We are signed up for the Clubhouse at Autorama in 2014. Dave G. will chair with help from Gary A. and Norm D. Mike H. needs a copy of our 501(c)7 status for this event.

Next General Meeting will be set aside to discuss the options submitted for voting in Board Members. There will also be the treasurer's report given and any other items of importance. The main purpose is to get the options explained for the upcoming ballot and survey. Members are encouraged to attend.

2013 Contributions and Donations:
Hospice of the Foothills
GV Fire Truck Restorations
California Auto Museum
Boy Scout Troop 855
Bear River High School Band
Bear River Wrestling Team
Nevada Union and Bear River Grad Night
Roamin Angel Christmas Party
Salvation Army Toy Driv

Richard G. advised there is a mill in one of the school shops that is in need of repair. Richard will get together with John P. and Bob M. to see if this is something we might want to pursue in helping them out.

Meeting adjourned at 6:40PM. Motion to adjourn by Edie H., seconded by Dave B.

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