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Where's Waldo? Road Trip to Colorado

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Rolled into the town of Delta, Co after an amazing drive on Co 131. Fall colors in full brilliance, snow, and blue sky. In town we came upon a used car lot......can you find Big Daddy?
Yesterday, while crossing one of the passes, we encountered snow/slush on the road. The front spoiler acted like a snow plow leveling the hump in the middle of the lane. It was very tricky to keep the rear end under me as we drove over ice/packed snow in the shady areas.
325s + ice = SS

We pretty well covered the State of Colorado until the government locked us out of our parks. Today we visited Don and Marty Day at their new home near Draper, Ut. It is fantastic and there are hot rods all over the neighborhood. We will be home Wednesday assuming Big Daddy does not have to play snowplow again.

It snowed last night and early this morning and there is more to come. Sue and I are hunkered down in a motel in W Denver, Lakewood. I took some photos and then an excited little boy went running out to see what that white stuff was all about.
We will catch "Rush" and "Gravity" today and start working our way home tomorrow afternoon. Radar detector has paid for itself many times.


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