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Gear-Head Chronicles

by Guest Columnist, Dickey Drainplug

Being a new member of the club, I want to contribute as much as I can, so I offered to do a monthly column to help Diane fill the Newsletter. This may be a dumb idea on my part as it is sort of like a TV series that may not get renewed next month - Diane’s call. Anyway, with that said, here goes-

First, a little history about yours truly…My beautiful wife, Dolly Drainplug, and I moved up here from the East Bay Area about 16 years ago. Growing up, my dad was a boat racer, my uncle a drag racer, my next-door neighbor raced hardtops. As a kid, I stole motors off of lawnmowers to build mini-bikes and go-karts. I learned to weld at eight, so I am an incurable, hardcore, Gear-Head! You know how heroin addicts take Methadone for their addition? I take Methanol…

Danville DukesLiving in the East Bay, I was a member of the Danville Dukes for over 10 years. The Dukes was started by the late, great, “Good Guy” Gary Meadors. I can’t tell you how different the Dukes Club is from the Angels. Not a criticism, as I love the Angels, just a comparison.The Dukes had no membership applications, fees, officers or rules. Everybody was the President. We all had shirts to prove it! All you had to do was show up for the Saturday morning, 8:00am breakfast and you were a life-long member. Yes, Saturday at 8:00! So, younger people with jobs and could attend! Just say’in…

I sure am impressed with our home town boy, Alexander Rossi! The Indy 500 speaks for itself and the win at Watkin’s Glen but what he did at Phoenix recently was amazing! He qualified 4th, got to second in a few laps but during his first pit stop slid through his pit and was given a drive through penalty under green flag racing. This put him in last place, a lap down. Hoping for a yellow to get on the lead lap but that never came. So, he turned up the wick, caught and passed the leader, drove through the field again and got up to third with about 10 laps left catching the leaders, when the caution came out. His Crew Chief decided to stay out as did first and second place. The 4th place car however came in for tires. With 6 laps left there was no way to hold off new tires, but Rossi did pass one more car for a third place, podium finish. He made more than 60 green flag passes during the race!

Rossi Update: The following week the IndyCar Series raced on the treacherous street course in Long Beach, CA. So how did our boy do? Qualified on the pole and dominated the race for his 3rd career win! He is the real thing!

Observations from the Pit…

• Don’t you hate spell check on your computer and smart phone? Last summer I texted my wife to see if she was home. She replied back, “I’m home sitting on the “dick” at the pool” I hope she meant “deck”!

• Another example of how just one letter can totally change the meaning of the message - When Mrs. Drainplug and I were looking for property up here my priority was a big shop, hers a nice house. We came across an ad that said, “5 acres in Nevada City, modern 3000 ft. home with pool. Beautiful view and a huge “ship” below the house” … I assumed the property must have been on the water?

• Sad news – Our resident classic wooden boat expert and master mechanic, Lew Dobbins, has been diagnosed with stage 1 Dry Rot. Prognosis is good however, as he is undergoing weekly doses of Creosote.

• As I was having coffee and reading the paper this morning, Mrs. Drainplug suddenly blurted out, “You didn’t hear a thing I said, did you!” I thought, wow, that’s a harsh way to start a conversation!

Over and out until next month – Maybe?


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