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All the little pieces that need to work and make “Cruisin the Pines” possible are…. well….working.
Gold Country Magazine will once again feature the show in their next edition. They print about a Gazillion copies that go everywhere in the County. We hand out bundles and bundles and bundles every year to our customers. Good exposure.

I shared with you a few issues ago about the Nevada County Arts Council wanting to begin a Fall festival. My opinion was we should be a key player since we own the Fall now. The Council contacted me for all the background info for their marketing efforts. I asked them to join in our Art Show endeavors by promoting it to their base. Good exposure.

Every year that I can remember KNCO has been a big part of our marketing. Wally has been interviewed prior to the show for several years now to pump it up and has spent advertising money on them. Long time members can remember KNCO actually broadcasting from the…wait….KNCO booth…. from the show. Keep your fingers crossed. We’re working on having them back this year. There is a ton of co-marketing we can do to benefit each of us. Good exposure. Good source of sponsors. Good benefits for same.

Thanks to Dee Ann, we have a church group that already provides food on Treat St. thinking about providing our breakfast on Saturday. Could fill a gap and has some cost reduction possibilities for us.
Last month we needed help in a few Directors positions. This month we got the help.

Bill B. and John P. have joined forces with Michael R. to form the security team. Jerry B. has volunteered to head the Poker Run. Toss in the Big Raffle super group of Paula, Nikki and Jean and things are under control.

What can you do?

Let’s start with the no brainers; Know someone with a classic car, classic motorcycle, Model A or gnarly 4WD? Invite them to the show then invite them to go online to and sign up for the show. Talk the show up!!

Secondly, “Young Gear Heads” will once again be featured on Sunday of the show. Have a Grandkid or a neighbor teen that enjoys cars and maybe has pride in a certain vehicle? Does not matter what year, make or model. Invite them to enter the competition with their peers to win cash prizes….and…..I’ll bet Riebes will once again offer everyone a little incentive just for being at the show.

Next, volunteer to help one of the directors operate their part of “Cruisin the Pines”. I’ve included the Directors roster again for your reference. The whole experience is fun and if you just help out a couple of hours over the weekend it really helps us.

Lastly, you need to get registered as well. Go to our WEB site and do it online. It takes just a few minutes and don’t forget your member registration includes dinner for two for members on Friday night of the show. Don’t do “online”? The paper version is included in this month’s issue.

Well heck! I’m in a party mode over all this so….

May’s meeting has been moved to Trailblazer Pizza. I’ve reserved the Patio because it will be a nice Spring evening. You all are invited to join the party and participate in the car show meeting. May 8th, Pizza party, Trailblazers Pizza, 4:30pm, Car show meeting starts at 5pm.

Let’s leave with this….. I helped out selling engine tickets at the Sac Swap meet this past month. I overheard people over and over again “Those are the Roamin Angels, Great Car show”, “That’s the engine they Raffle, Great Car Club”, “I’ve heard what you do, give me 5 tickets”.

Here’s to another year of having fun doing what we do.

Food Service – Jean H.
Big Raffle – Nikki G., Paula B., Jean H.
Artisans – Pat B., Diane B.
Art Show – Sue B.
Food Vendors – Shawn B.
Commercial Vendors – Dave G.
Gates – Sheila A.
Car Corral –Jim R.
Sponsorship – Wally K. – Gary B.
Poker Run – Jerry B.
Beer and Wine - Jim G.
Product Sales – Gin V.
Trash – Pam & Fred D.
Registration – John K.
Trophies – Gary B.
Publicity – Wally K.
Memorabilia – Anthony R.
Facilities – Claude H.
Applications Processing – Dee Ann B.
Security – John P., Bill B., Michael R.
Signage – Dan G.
49er 50/50 Raffle – Clare M.
Engine – Randy K.


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