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Car Show & Beyond photos

Car Show & Beyond

I know about half of us are on Facebook and other social media fairly routinely. Right after I became the events Director a few years back I started the Club’s Facebook page as a means of drumming up participation. I use it now to reach the 1200+ page followers and keep them interested in Toy Drives, Car shows, and other Club activities. It was some 10 years ago the page got started…..when social media was at its’ infancy.

We’ve all heard a lot of negatives about Social media. Here’s the positive about those services.

Just recently “Mårten” from Sweden posted an article and photos about buying a 1949 Mercury in Finland. Somewhere in his paperwork he discovered the origins of the car including a guy named “Norm” and this Club called the Roamin Angels. He reached out hoping to talk with Norm. We’ve gone back and forth posting information. Ron Cherry’s article about the car, Claude’s story about the group finishing the Woody for Norm and the Fact that our friend Norm had passed due to his exposure to Agent Orange while a Combat Medic in Vietnam.

You can check out the back and forth of this story on the RA FB page if you haven’t already. Social media as it’s meant to be used.

These classics have the ability to join us all together. Every car has it’s story. How cool was this one?
I’ve invited Mårten to attend ”Cruisin the Pines” this year. Keep your fingers crossed. Who knows? He may be some rich dude and he’ll bring not only his wife but the car. (See page 9 for the complete story)

First car show meeting for the 2019 show happens on March 12th, lets call it 5:30pm, Salvation Army in Grass Valley. I’ve relayed our needs in these news articles the past few months. There are a few critical Directors jobs that need to be filled in order to pull off the 20th version of “Cruisin the Pines”. To reiterate; Director of Friday Night Food service and Director of Grounds set up are the two most critical. John Klein will be with us this year before departing for Nevada. Now is the time to step up and learn from John and the Family in person exactly how he’s managed the gates. Claude has transitioned the Janitorial Directorship to Gary D. and Gary B. has Ron C. in training as the Trophy Chair.

The town of Grass Valley has decided to change its’ name to “Johnkleinville” at least for Saturday May 4th. I’ve volunteered to coordinate the Roamin Angels and Roadents support of their show on that condition. (Emogi here)…We’ve been providing parking and check in support for years. Let’s do it one more time in honor of John. Here’s my sign up list so far…P. Gruwell, C. Barden, R. Kirkham, R. Yedding, D. Chandler. Join up, Join in.

Survive the Drive III” will soon be with us on Saturday April 27th on the Cement training pad at Sierra College. I’ve got CAL Trans on Board this year as a Pit Stop and all the other Participants are ready to go. Volunteers are ready. KVMR and KNCO have BOTH requested radio interviews this year. The new Principal at Bear River has been doing eblasts to parents and Kids since January. The CHP is talking with Bear River about a safety day prior to STDIII. That will likely include a request for some Hot Rods to make an appearance on campus. (Let’s see, where can I get some hot cars?) and we’ve even got a few kids ready to sign up and get on board NOW. If you know a new driver….related? a neighbor? The Daughter of your hair dresser….get them the info and get them on board. It’s all on the RA WEB site or contact me.

I shared with you a few months ago the State’s general planning for the Hwy 49 corridor. Dividers, Roundabouts and more CHP. I hope you caught the recent print and broadcast stories regarding the plans. Thank that young lady from NU who took it to social media. Thank the Hwy 49 group for the public meetings. Thank you for addressing the Kids and their driving habits We ALL are making a difference. Let’s keep it up.

Lastly…breakfasts. Bud, Eddie, George and Ray have been kind to provide me photos for use on the aforementioned Facebook page. I include one here that has been posted for a bit but I thought it worth repeating for the non FB people. The Club has been taking care of our First Responders for awhile now as is evident by the photo. This year we hosted approximately 70 first responders from all the local departments. Thank you all for being so generous with your morning time. Thanks to our Board for the investment.

And speaking of breakfasts…..what other breakfast can you attend where one member joins in from the belly of an Air Force C17 at 32,000 ft headed for Hawaii?(left) Yep…real time. See the pictures.

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