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AB 210, as amended, Voepel. Smog check: exemption.

Existing law establishes a motor vehicle inspection and maintenance (smog check) program that is administered by the Department of Consumer Affairs. The smog check program requires inspection of motor vehicles upon initial registration, biennially upon renewal of registration, upon transfer of ownership, and in certain other circumstances. Existing law exempts specified vehicles from being inspected biennially upon renewal of registration, including, among others, all motor vehicles manufactured prior to the 1976 model-year.

This bill instead would exempt from the smog check program all motor vehicles manufactured prior to the 1983 model-year and all diesel-powered vehicles manufactured prior to the 1983 model-year.
Complete bill info at

The bill (AB210) came from a constituent suggestion. The bill has not been set and they will take the advice of ACCC as to the best time to hear it. In the meantime, every Club that is a member of ACCC should send a letter of support of AB 210 (Voepel) to the Assembly Transportation committee office (Fax # 916-319-2193).
The letter can be as simple as the club supports the bill. You can write more reasons if you like. The important thing is that as many clubs get letters of support prior to the hearing. And don’t waste time on letters from individuals. The committee analysis will list every club by name, but it won’t do that for individuals.

John Caldwell
Public Policy Advocates, LLC
1015 K Street, Suite 200 | Sacramento CA 95814

Special Report from Bob Stearns, President, ACCC

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