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Moab photos

Moab Cruise

Five cars went to Moab to a car show: Steve and Paula B., Claude and Janet H., Nikki and Danny G., John and Linda P., and Dale L. and friend, Janine. The first night we spent in Wendover, Nevada. We had dinner in a casino up the road from the motel. For dessert, there was a soft ice cream. The machine took a liking to Steve and refused to turn off. Steve gained a pound.

Then it was off to Green River, Utah, (the river is actually Green) where the group would spend the next four days sightseeing and finally attending the car show. However, Linda insisted on stopping in Springville, Utah because she is addicted to shopping AND eating at the Cracker Barrel. Dale stated it was too early to eat? Really? Linda placed him in a rocker out front and said it was never too early to shop. She scored two blouses and a box of Goo Goo delights candy (apparently a southern treat – never too late to try something new). A young server dealt with Danny’s dislike of eggs by giving him a platter of eggs and grits. I think it is called immersion therapy.

The next day, the gang traveled to the Arches National Park. It is wonderful. The scenery is beautiful. Then all headed to downtown Moab to eat, of course. (Short break for a commercial here: Eat at the Moab Diner. You want breakfast, you can have breakfast. You want malt and fries, you can have them. You want meatloaf; you can have that no matter what time of day. It’s all good.) This area is hopping: You’ve got your mountain bikers, quad riders, 4 wheelers, Jeep people and hikers. You can jump out of a plane, take a helicopter ride and they are building a zip line. Then the gang went to a dinosaur place. It was built by a Polish couple who are paleontologists. It had a nice playground for kids, a café, gift shop, museum with fossils and education exhibits, a movie theater, a paleo aquarium and a dinosaur trail. The trail was about a half mile with dinosaurs built to what they would have been if alive now. They were well done but, alas, not real. Then it was back to Green River with appetizers and wine.

After breakfast the next day, it was off to Canyonlands National Park. Amazingly deep canyons and a long distance view of the place where the Green River and Colorado River come together. Is that called the ‘confluence’? Off to lunch again in Moab at the Center Spoke. Craft beers, ice cream and a variety of food. (Don’t eat the pulled pork – too sweet. You don’t have to go up the long stairs to the restroom. If you look weak, they will show you the hidden downstairs one. I was weak.)

Saturday was the car show. We spent the day there in their main park. There were a lot of cars and even some bagpipers. We walked into town to eat. We did not win any trophies but it was not for lack of trying. Dale had been cleaning his GTO at every stop, every outlook and every parking lot. He should have won cleanest car.

We were not staying Sunday, which is when they were having a cruise along the Colorado River and lunch at a place called the Red River Lodge. So we decided to do it ourselves on Friday after the car show registration. It was a beautiful ride and we ended up at the lodge, which is also a working ranch and hosts float trips down the river. We discovered a cowboy museum at the main building and found that it displayed posters and information on every movie ever made in Moab, including support crews and the local committee. They even played a DVD showing a lot of the stars, etc. Not only cowboy movies but ‘Thelma and Louise’, one ‘Back to the Future’, the new’ Lone Ranger’, one Indiana Jones movie. There was a pamphlet that listed the movie sites and where they were located. (I thought it was a good name when one location site for ‘Thelma and Louise’ was named Pucker Pass.)

Sunday, we headed home along Highway 50. When we got to a tiny town for gas and lunch, Dale noted he had a bad sound in the back of his car. The guys started checking (thank goodness, Danny always has a lot of tools) and determined it was something that could not be fixed right away – especially in this little town that was locked up tight because it was Sunday. So we babied the car until we arrived in Ely for the night.

Monday morning, Dale and John went to a local garage to diagnose the trouble. (Talk to the guys if you want to know what was wrong. I know nothing about cars except they need gas once in a while.) Dale didn’t get back till noon so all decided to have lunch – thus the late start. We arrived in Fallon, Nevada having driven 50 most of the time. Arrived at a Dairy Queen, decided to eat again while Dale got a tow company that said they could take him all the way to his home since it was 200 miles and that’s what his AAA said. John and Linda took Janine and luggage in their car and all started out again without Dale who was waiting for the tow. At Reno, Steve and Paula took Janine since they lived closest to her. The travelers hit the pass when it was raining and then turned to snow. So it really was a ‘dark and stormy night’ and scary until we got over.

Now this was supposed to be a short article so I am sorry. I did leave out the cows in Canyonlands National Park, the wild horses we saw and that, despite stories to the contrary, the shoe tree is still up and alive, the Ballard’s tire, the nice family that ran the Green River motel (ask Janet, Paula, and Nikki about the nice family’s story), and Dale’s adventure with the tow companies. Also the lunch and winery at Red Cliff and the lady we met there. (Ask Linda) I did collect two new town names that I like: Beowawe and Mussentuchit.

Commentary by Linda P. • Photos by Paula B.


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