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Maxwell Car Show photos

Maxwell Car Show – May 19, 2018

On Saturday, May 19, a Roamin Angels group of nine cars went to the car show at Maxwell, CA.  (just off Interstate 5 near Williams).  Beautiful weather, couldn’t ask for better.   We had a breakdown on the way to Colusa, as our 64 Ford Galaxie made a strange noise, and the red warning lights came on the dashboard.  We stopped and Bill and a helper rearranged the belts to eliminate the generator, as the generator pulley had somehow been destroyed.  We drove on to the car show, eliminating being in the parade as we had planned.  The car would run OK without the generator, as long as we didn’t use the headlights, radio, air conditioner,  turn signals, etc.  The show was great, included trucks and some newer cars, dogs on a leash allowed.  Jack Benny’s 1916 car was there, along with dummies for Jack and his violin, also a Rochester dummy!  My guestimate for total cars would be about 200-300 cars.

We all parked on the grass at the local school yard. Five bucks for the hot dog with beans & salad & cold drink!  Your choice:  hot dog, burger, or tri-tip! All cooked on the big BBQ right  there on the school yard.  Claude H. and Richard G. won trophies, and many of us won raffle prizes. Many raffle prizes were given out, as we all gathered near the shade at the edge of the yard.

After the show, Ed J., a very kind Roamin Angel, helped start the car, and then it was cable jumped to another car to charge the battery. John P. and Richard G.  escorted us all the way to Nevada City on the way home, safe and sound.   The car held up OK, with one stop for gas in Marysville.  You can see the generator pulley in the last photo!  Please don’t ask us as to what happened to the generator pulley,  as we really don’t know. Perhaps some of us really are ANGELS!!!   Many thanks for all your help!!!! 

Commentary and Photos by Pat G. and Ruth H.


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