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June 2013

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Oroville Car Show Winners
At the Oroville Car Show: Steve and Susan O. and their Hudson pickup won 40's Best Truck. Also at the Oroville Car Show, Dick S.'s classic won Lady's Choice.

Union Hill School Car Show winners
Richard G.
won a trophy at the Union Hill Car Show for Best Truck and Lynn P. won the Rat Rod award for his 1927 Model T Ford.

Morro Bay Car show winnerAt the Morro Bay Car Show on May 6 Bob Duncan won the Most Unusual Award. According to the Buzzards, they weren't sure if it was the car or Bob that won the trophy.

Did you know... your membership in the Roamin Angels has Perks?
1. CalStar Medical Flight Group Membership
2. CFN Discount Fuel Service Group Membership through
JH Petroleum/Grass Valley
3. Free Admission to California Auto Museum - Sacramento
4. Free Admission to Harrah's National Auto Museum - Reno
5. 20% Discount at Round Table Pizza - Grass Valley & LOP
6. Discount on purchases at Reibes Auto Parts
7. 20% Discount at Original Mels Diner in Auburn
Questions? Check with a Board Member

June News By Mr. Cruise

We're lucky to have a really nice assortment of wineries with enjoyable venues in lovely Nevada County. How many of you have been to Naggiar Winery? Naggiar is in the South County area off Wolf Road. It's about 10 minutes from the Lake of the Pines Area.

We'll be cruising in to Naggiar on June 1st. You can bring a Pik NIk dinner, you can buy dinner, or you can buy some really tasty hors d'œuvre to add to your PIK NIK. Mike Naggiar would certainly like you to try a dinner or tasty snack and asks that any wine or alcoholic beverages you drink you buy from him but other wise there is no charge for an evening of enjoying the band "Midnight Sun", the food, the dancing, a nice Nevada County evening. The party runs 5-9 pm.

Meet at the Church parking lot right at the corner of Wolf and hwy 49 at 4:45pm for the caravan over. Classics preferred but it's your choice.

It's pretty much non stop during June and July with a little something for everyone.
Christie's " Barn Party" is scheduled for June 9th. Music, food, fun and you get to see the "Barn" !

We've got a few cruises planned most notably to Roseburg Oregon with Mike C in July. Landon leads the troops up to Tahoe in Mid June.

Last year's "Progressive Dinner" cruise with the Granholms was a sell out. Nikki and Danny are staging the event on June 29th, Saturday. If you intend to go, sign up now. Check the newsletter flyer and contact either Dan or Nikki. See things only the natives would know about.

Mel's is staging its' 3rd annual car show. That means the RA's will be managing the parking and displaying cars once again. I know there is some free stuff involved, some food, and Mel's kicks back a little somethin -somethin for the scholarship program. Contact David Brown or Terry for info. Sign up forms are at breakfast every Friday. Volunteers are needed.

And….it's time for that every other year event…. the Nevada County Airfest Saturday, July 13th. The Roamin Angels "Classic Squadron" is invited to display at the show again. The air fest will comp the first 25 vehicles signing up. Let Mike H know of your interest. First come, first served and we are limited to 25 cars. We will probably need a couple of 40's era cars for the swing dance the night before as well. I'll keep you posted about that.

On the low key schedule are two Pizza nights with George, show and shine with Ray at Alta Sierra, a Mel's cruise and game night at Salvation Army.

OK, time to switch hats and go for the Sombrero….

It's hard to believe but we've only got three car show meetings left. That means the Big show is right around the corner. We have about 100 cars signed up right now.

Knock on wood….everything is going smoothly. All the chair people have things well under control. The Buzzards are especially on fire with the cackle fest. You need to remember to get your green members car app mailed in. We want a great showing of member cars. You know, even if you've got a work in progress we need to share it. Gary Blum for example is a bit away from a finished car but what an interesting project!

We can always use your volunteer efforts. Give David or I a call and we'll hook you up with the chairs that can use help.

Keep moving and enjoying yourself. I'm always afraid of seizing up if I don't.

See the Club Calendar. If you have an event or cruise you would like to suggest or lead, contact Mr. Cruise (aka Mike H.) at


Terry - PresidentPresident's message

Summer is almost officially here and certainly the SESSION OF HOT RODS AND CLASSICS has arrived. A number of the traditional Car Show Events have already come and gone. The March GoodGuys Get Together; the April Grass Valley Downtown Car Show; the Orville Car Show; the Union Hill Car Show; the Monthly Downtown Auburn Cruises have started and the list goes on and on. The monthly Landon & Dave cruise on the 25th was a blast full of California history, good wine and a wonderful lunch. Actually that date offered several options for our members to choose from – a cruise and 3 car shows (Union Hill, Colfax and Maxwell). And, of course, you can't forget Landon and Karen S. outstanding cruise to Moab back in April.

My point, there are a lot of members who work very hard to put together events for the Roamin Angels membership to enjoy. Dave and Shawn B. and I have been working with Tony and others to finalize the 3rd Annual Auburn Mid-Summer Car Show and Poker Run on 06/22. Mike H. has a great evening of Wine, Food and Music coming up on 06/01. Jean H. has a first-time ladies event planned for a Spa Weekend at the Peppermill in Reno on June 23rd-25th (there are still openings, call Jean for details). Rick M. has put together a 3-day trip to Roseburg, Ore in mid-July (call Rick for deals on this cruise). Dave and Landon promise another fun cruise in June.

I also want to commend Norm D. and Claude H. for advising the members of every special event that's being put on to celebrate and remember all the men and women who have served our Great Nation in the Military. Let's never forget those that have served and especially those who gave their lives so that all of us have the freedom to enjoy our families, friends and our hobby.

If you have an idea for an event, big or small, 1-day or overnight; put the details on paper and get it to Mike H. to discuss date options. The Club thrives on the common love we all have for our old cars, the fun we have driving them and the joy of being with good friends.

I want to draw your attention to the special on-line advertising that Mike H. has been producing during the past 2 months to promote our upcoming Car Show. These little 1-page promos are great – very colorful and give our past car show guests a gentle reminder that the show is coming up and to get their reservation forms mailed ASAP. By the way, if you haven't mailed in your special green registration forms, see Dick T. and tell him the dog ate the one you got in your newsletter, get a replacement and mail it in ASAP.

Enough Said - Have a Cool June -- Keep All 4 on the Road
See Ya On The Flip Side,

Board Highlights
Monday, May 20, 2013 • Condon Park, Grass Valley

1. Introduction of Guests
The Oaks of Auburn spoke of an upcoming car show in August in conjunction with Mels Diner in Auburn. There will be a free breakfast with each car entered. Sign-up sheet will be at breakfast and at Wednesday Pizza Night. This is a benefit for the Outward Bound program which aids returning Vets.
2. Nothing for Open Forum.
3. Meeting called to order at 6:20PM.
4. Roll Call – All present except Vierra and Brown (excused).
5. Approval of Agenda.
6. Correspondence – None
7. Treasurer's Report approved as submitted. Motion to approve by Edie H. and seconded by Diane B.
8. Board Member Reports
A. Activities – Memorial Day Celebration on Monday, May 27 at Memorial Park. Bring chairs.
6-1 Naggiar Winery
6-9 Barn Party at Christy B.'s house
6-22 Mel's Diner cruise
6-29 Progressive Dinner. $30 per person. Contact Nikki G. for details. Time TBA.
7-13 Air Fest. 25 classic cars get in for free. Contact Mike H.
Ongoing – Roadents meet in K-Mart parking lot on Saturday between 8:00AM and 10:00AM.
Mel's Diner in Auburn has cruise-in every Wednesday. Roamin Angels will be
Attending on the 4th Wednesday of the month, but are welcome anytime.
B. Greg M. will be going through and organizing the storage lockers.
C. New phone system announced by Karin R. – will save club money and be more efficient.
D. John P. advised there is one scholarship to be awarded and will be presented on May 30.
Kudos to Dave G. and Landon S. for organizing the trip to Vina.
Meeting adjourned at 6:36PM for cruise to Big A for dinner.
(P.S.) Ed Johnson won the gift certificate for 2 free meals by correctly guessing the amount of Roamin' Angel cars on the Big A mural.

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