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Road Trip photos

Danny & Nikki's Road Trip

Day 1, Itinerary #1: 21 cars and 41 courageous people gather at the Kmart parking lot to take part in one of Danny & Nikki’s Road Trips to the Unknown. 1st of all everyone realized what an excellent public speaker Danny is, I think he discovered he enjoys hearing himself talk. He assigned three sponsors, one sponsor for those who thought we were going East on Hwy 49/Hwy20 Gary & Glenda Anderson, another sponsor for those who thought we were going West on Hwy 20, Bill & Pat Bowman, one last sponsor for those whom thought we would be traveling South on Hwy 49 get behind Fred & Pam Dias. Everyone gets behind the sponsor of where they think we are headed. Then Danny says all weekend if you want anything you ask your Sponsors and they will pay for it, everyone laughed except for the Sponsors. Then Danny calls out for Dave Garber and when Dave gets aside of Danny, Danny says, “Dave Garber is our complaint department” if you have any complaints please direct them to Dave and also Dave is Danny and Nikki’s body guard. Again, everyone laughs so this set the mood for our members to start our morning off to where no one knew. First stop after heading East on Hwy 49/Hwy20 was to regroup, top off gas tanks and take pictures of our entire group at Hwy exit 165 off Hwy 80 Cisco Grove from there we traveled over Hwy 80 to enter Hwy 40, Hwy 40 is a popular route to Donner Ski Ranch where we took more pictures of all 21 cars, we even had to move a parked vehicle that was in the view of our pictures (miner detail). From Donner we ventured onto Truckee along Donner Lake viewing the beautiful scenery and homes, when in Truckee we enjoyed lunch at the Blue Coyote, even though some of us did not get served until many had already finished eating, everyone was patient enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful weather. We had scheduled enough time not to delay our next stop of the route to the unknown.

Itinerary #2: Now, we are off again through Truckee and the roundabout onto N Hwy 89
(clue #4-MANY MILES of Two Way Roads) going through Sierraville and Satley then stopping again in Graeagle to regroup, gas up, unfortunately gas was $4.99/gal, however; we had ice cream at the Frosty, to relieve the bite of the high gas cost, some enjoyed shopping at the corner novelty store.

Itinerary #3: Now we get another itinerary continuing on turning left onto 70 W/89 N going through Quincy with some of us stopping to gas up in Quincy, much lesser price for gas here, others of us continuing on turning right onto Hwy 89 N, reaching Hwy 36 onto Chester CA to stay our first night at the Best Western Rose Quartz Inn, which gave a substantial discount to our veterans. Here we collected our rooms and then we joined together in the breakfast rooms for a relaxing pizza, salad dinner pre-arranged from the “Locker Room” next door. The Bowman’s had brought watermelon which we enjoyed as well. The “Locker Room” was not even open that day but accommodated us with a few of their family members coming in on their day off to prepare pizza and salad for our group.

Day 2, Itinerary #4: After a full breakfast in the breakfast room offered from the hotel, we then met in the parking lot of the hotel at 9:00 here we distributed Lassen National Park pre-purchased tote bags from the park with a few gifts for everyone. Headed southwest on CA-36 Volcanic Scenic Byway toward Lassen Volcanic National Park. (clue #3-Definite Altitude Change 7500) We met at the visitor center to watch a film of the park learning of the four volcanos in Lassen Park, here we all went on our own stopping at various view points of interest, (clue #6- warmer clothes maybe) a few walked the ½ mile hike to the Devastated area then we met up again at 1:00 at the Loomis Museum within the park to regroup. Now off to Old Station Pick nick area where we pre-arranged lunches of fresh baked bread, turkey or ham sandwiches, fresh baked cookies, potato chips, grapes and soft drinks from JJ’s Café in Old Station CA. Here we lingered for an hour or so enjoying the peaceful Hat Creek flowing through the pick nick area. Everyone had brought chairs to sit around and relax. (Clue #7- We did pass gas tanks but did not take pictures of the individual cars, sorry no palm trees, only huge Pine Trees and Green Forests)

Itinerary #5: Old Station Mini Mart had fuel for those who wanted to top off their tanks. We headed Northeast on CA-44 following signs to Susanville, (clue #2-Some of us have been before) here we would check into our hotel SureStay Plus Hotel by Best Western (clue #5-CHANGE OF HOTEL) and even though we arranged for discounted rooms this hotel still gave our veterans an additional discount. We would regroup by the pool (clue #1-NEAR WATER) (clue #6-Swimming Suits maybe) before going to a reserved dinner at the El Tepeyac Steak House/Mexican Restaurant (yes two restaurants in one). Danny had also told them dinner Friday night was on themselves unless they could get their sponsors to pay for them. Another HA! HA! from the sponsors!! Susanville was our Final Destination we had a prize for the couple who guessed the Final Destination, we had three finalists, so then we had to use the mileage they had chosen. Total miles were 324.5 Dave & Sandy Stipp chose 175 miles, Gary & Glenda Anderson chose 185.5 miles and Bob & Colleen Norman chose 214 miles. Bob and Colleen won the guess and they were treated with decorated King and Queen Crowns and dinners of their choice for two at the El Tepeyac that night. We had a great party time at dinner with everyone. Also, earlier by the pool (clue #1-NEAR WATER) Danny informed everyone they were registered in the Susanville Car Show Saturday, 1:00 – 6:00 so everyone had Saturday morning to relax or do anything they wanted, we had given a list of ideas to enjoy and explore Susanville before the car show.

Day 3, Itinerary #6: Breakfast; the hotel in Susanville gave us vouchers for a pre-selected menu to Lumber Jack that was right next door, so both Sat and Sun breakfast was available at no charge. Saturday morning was spent with many of the guys cleaning their cars getting ready for the car show, some couples went to shops and various places, with all of us regrouping at 11:45 at the entrance of the hotel to venture onto the car show. When arriving a mile or so away from the hotel to the car show we all started to park on the street thinking we would get separated, however; Patricia from the Chamber of Commerce of Susanville was waiting for us and let us enter the show first to park all together. She was delighted to have so many of us attend their show, Danny had spoken and emailed to her numerous times in the past two months arranging our attendance. This year’s registration was the most cars ever last year’s attendance was 85, this year they had 110 attendees and we had 21 of those, and we won the Club Award, Hurrah for us!! The park was beautiful, trees for shade, great prices for lunch burger, chips and soda for $5, corndogs as good as our Job’s Daughters still $5, and another watermelon supplied by Jerry Brown, all in all a great show and the guys were allowed their spirited beverages. “Grampa’s Cookies” was a huge hit, he may even try to attend our car show. Very relaxing and enjoyable. After the car show everyone was on their own for dinner (unless they could get their Sponsors to pay of course) no HA! HA! From Sponsors; No pre-scheduled reservations for Sat night. Some went to Mexican dinner, Chinese, Lumber Jacks and a few even went to the Casino to test their luck. The pool was enjoyed by a few and a great meeting place to regroup. Also, I want to Thank Jeannine Powell for the appetizers she brought for Thursday and Friday night before dinner, homemade crackers, cream cheese, salami and chutney, very tasty and ever so appreciated.

Day 4, Itinerary #7: Well last day and kind of a bitter sweet moment for us, about two months planning and we had come to the end of our Fabulous Venture to the “UNKNOWN”. We did plan to visit the Susanville Museum and Roops Cabins, however; we neglected to check if they were open on Sunday, OOPS!! they were not open, Sorry!! Onward to home, some of us were following through to the end on Hwy 32 meeting in Chico for lunch at Logan’s Road House where reservations were made, and some wanted to travel back through Reno on Hwy 395. That was certainly OK because all in all we had a GREAT turn out of Friends. We all made it home safe, I think everyone enjoyed themselves, I know the two of us certainly did. We could not have asked for better weather and wonderful accommodations throughout the trip and I do hope the NEXT Danny or Nikki’s ? trip we can get another group as pleasant and fun going as this group we traveled with on our June 2018 Road Trip was. A Huge Thank you to all whom joined us. All of you are “The Best”.

Thank you again, Danny & Nikki

“Sponsors” Danny has one more suggestion, bring your check books to the next Pizza night, your followers will be there. Heheheheheeeeee!!!

Photos and Story by Nikki G. and Pat Bowman


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