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July 2013

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Saturday, May 25, there were 8 Roamin Angels cars entered in the Thunderbolts Car Show in Rio Linda at Depot Park. Norm D. won an award for his blue 1950 Mercury.

Mels Car show WinnersMels Diner Car Show Winners
Dan Granholm – Best Under Construction. Other winners at the show were Lynn Price and Claude Hessel.

Check out the photo album from the Car Show

Did you know... your membership in the Roamin Angels has Perks?
1. CalStar Medical Flight Group Membership
2. CFN Discount Fuel Service Group Membership through
JH Petroleum/Grass Valley
3. Free Admission to California Auto Museum - Sacramento
4. Free Admission to Harrah's National Auto Museum - Reno
5. 20% Discount at Round Table Pizza - Grass Valley & LOP
6. Discount on purchases at Reibes Auto Parts
7. 20% Discount at Original Mels Diner in Auburn
Questions? Check with a Board Member

July News By Mr. Cruise

Mr. Cruise is working on a Swan song adventure for 2014 I hope you'll be interested about. While it's far from its' final form, I have some general plans for you to think over.

Care to join in on a 2014 trip to The Nation's Capital? It's been many years since I visited Washington DC.

Because I'm an aircraft nut, I spent time at the Air & Space Museum. Because I'm a Vet, I visited "The Wall" and some friends. I was awed at the Lincoln monument, stood at the front gate of my Whitehouse, ate some great crab and lobster. I'd like to go back, see them one more time and hit some spots I never made it to.

How about you?

But Mr. Cruise, this is a car Club!

Yep, Got it… I've made contact with The "Asphalt Angels" …think of them as an East Coast version of these Angels. We've been invited to join them at their Fall car show (whoooa that's spooky!...just like us…..See The club is in Bowie, Virginia a suburb of DC.

So we will work in an East coast DC area car show with all the other touristy stuff to make the trip a car-if-fic event. The plan is we'll pair up with a host car guy or gal based on our cars. '66 Vette? '67 Mustang? Rat Rod? Deuce Coupe? Even…Mopar? No problem, they have one. Some of the "Asphalt Angels" will join us to supply local knowledge and play tourist as well. It'll be a fun way to see DC and all it holds.

So here's the GENERAL scoop. The Asphalt Angel's show will be 10/18/14. We'd show up before hand by a couple of days and return afterwards by a couple of days. Want to stay longer or shorter? Up to you. Want to see this and not that? Up to you. Bring your Sister in Law and her Boyfriend? Up to you. Wanna drive it? Up to you.

Mid Fall the weather should be great and the crowds gone.

By the time you mix in airfare, hotel, food, rental car etc etc. you'll be looking at about $2500 per couple for a several day stay. I'm not playing travel agent, so I'll supply all the information you'll need but booking is up to you. If you find a deal, go for it.

Sound good? Let me know of your preliminary interest so I can begin to get this down the road. We'll get serious in a few months after we get a working head count.

So what's happening now?

June is Cooked and Booked. Busy month starting with Naggiar on the first , Girls only adventure in Reno (Rodeo Cowboys…no one mentioned that! Lanny…Claude???) and ending with The "Progressive Dinner" on the last weekend of June. I hope you were able to make it to one or more happenings.

In July, the gods seemed to have settled on the weekend of the 13th to do it all. Cruises to Oregon, Airfests, and a Tahoe Car show.
Check the calendar update in the newsletter for the other goings on including Pizza, Game nights, Car show meetings, Show and shines, Mel's and of course the 4th of July at LOP.

Our Cruisin the Pines 2013 Car Show at the Fairgrounds is just about here again. Where did 2013 go?

We want you and your car at the show. Till July 26th ,members' cost for the show and the Friday night dinner for two is only $15. After the 26th? Registration goes up to $25.

Every member owes the club 10 hours. The car show is a really good time to burn most of that commitment off. We need volunteers at the show and need some before hand to do easy things like distribute posters. Call David Brown or myself to volunteer.

The show is going to be jammed with activities, music, displays, cars and fun.

Check the WEB site for details on Mr. Wizard, the CHP, SAC state racing, Sierra College Automotive, Kilroy's Klunker, Road Test, Gravity Drags, Car Corral, Off Broad Street All Stars, The Buzzards Cackle Fest, KVMR's remote Broadcast, Classics Gone Green, SAC Auto Museum, The Sneaky Tiki's, Panel Jams, Raffles, Poker Runs, $50,000 Giveaway (that's a 5 with 4 zeros) and…..did I Mention…Cars.

See you in the usual places….
Mr Cruise (aka Mike H.)

See the Club Calendar. If you have an event or cruise you would like to suggest or lead, contact Mr. Cruise (aka Mike H.) at


Terry - PresidentPresident's message

I'm writing this month's message while watching the rain come down, which is a usual sight for the 25th of June. These rainy days followed great weather last Saturday. I'm not sure how he pulls it off but for three years in a row, Tony at Mel's Diner has had 85 degree days with a light breeze for his Auburn Mid-Summer Car Show and Poker Run. He obviously has insight into the weather above and beyond what the weathermen predict. Maybe he can be persuaded to work his magic for September 6th, 7th and 8th.

The Roamin Angels lost two members in June. First, long-time member Manny Vierra died after many years of struggling with lung and heart related problems. This was followed by the recent passing of the Buick Man, Russ Knapp after a hard-fought battle with liver cancer. A memorial to celebrate Manny's life will be held on July 20th at Winnie and Manny's home off Highway 20 and past the Five Mile House. Dee advised that her plans for a local memorial for Russ are pending.

A "Big Thank You" from Kathy for the many cards and emails. She's doing well and looking forward to going on the Progressive Dinner Cruise.

Yes, the summer season of car shows, cruises and events is in full swing. In the midst of this fun, however, the Board and Car Show folks are busy handling Club business. Greg M. has gone through the storage sheds like Grant took Richmond. He's cleaned out and organized everything. He has prepared an inventory list of all of the stored equipment and labeled most of it. Meanwhile, Karin R. and Nikki G. have been working on organizing and storing our corporate records for easy access and safe keeping while staying current with the normal functions of Club Secretary and Treasurer. Further plans call for getting some of the most critical documents onto a computer zip drive. John P. has finalized this year's scholarship award and is working on a long-term strategy for the Scholarship Program to present to the membership. Our Vice-President Dave B. has been splitting his time between working on our Car Show, the Voting Procedure Committee and helping out Tony M. with his Car Show. Mike H. has also done double duty serving as co-chairman for the Car Show and as Club Events Director. As such, Mike has been really busy keeping his arms around the many Car Show details while keeping the Members aware of upcoming events.

Dee Ann has had her plate full keeping up with the Club sick-bay, circulating cards and trying to make sense of the various updates to the By-Laws. Winnie has been on a leave of absence first taking care of Manny and now dealing with his passing.

I consider myself very fortunate to be working with these very dedicated members who make up the 2013 Board. I want to assure the membership that the management of the Club is in good hands.

Enough Said - Have a Great 4th and a Safe July – Keep All 4 on the Road

See Ya on the Flip Side,

Board Highlights
Monday, June 24, 2013 • Salvation Army, Grass Valley

1. Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM.
2. Open Forum
3. All board members present except Winnie V. (excused) and Mike H.
4. Agenda for meeting read and approved.
5. No correspondence.
6. Minutes from the May General Meeting approved by Terry E. / seconded by George M.
7. Treasurer's report given. Contingency monies for Scholarship Fund and Car Show Fund being held for funds respectively. Report approved and motioned by Edie H. and seconded by George M.
8. A. Nothing to report from Vice President.
B. Refer to Treasurer's Report in #7.
C. Telephone billing will be corrected. Also sorting through and organizing Club paperwork.
D. Scholarship recipient did not show up for presentation. Paperwork has since been signed. A possible ROP fund program may be set up. A presentation will be put together and presented to the general membership for a vote.
E. Manny V. and Russ K. recently passed. Nolie M. and Marie D. both had surgery. Illnesses and surgeries, etc. will be listed in the Newsletter. Please give info to DeeAnn B.
F. Storage lockers have been inventoried and marked. Greg M. advised us to be sure and put Into our car insurance paperwork that the mileage is for insurance purposes only. Info not to be given to any government agency.
G. Mike H. not present for report. Three (3) E-Z Ups were purchased for the Club/Car Show.
The progressive dinner and game night at the Salvation Army are on Saturday, June 29.
9. A. Voting procedure study is still in the works.
B. ROP program covered in 8D.
C. Car Show on course. Working on an alternative First Aid service.
D. Terry E. advised that the Mel's Diner Car Show was successful, however, numbers were down a little from last year.
E. "Classic Cars Only" cruises. If the cruise or activity is Club-sponsored, it will be open to all members. Activity planners have the choice of classic and/or non-classic cars. It is requested that some flexibility be allowed at the planning committee's discretion.
F. Any left-over medications that Manny V. may have had is available to anyone who may want it. Contact Winnie.
10. A. Corporate documents being sorted and filed. It was suggested that we might possibly store this information digitally.
B. Suggestions requested to help stimulate attendance for Friday breakfast, i.e. raffle? Or ??
Motion to adjourn at 7:00 PM made by Edie H. and seconded by DeeAnn B.

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