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Here we go working on another “Cruisin the Pines” Car show. Twenty years! Yeow!

George dropped a few pictures off from the very first shows at Rollins Lake. Check them out in this month’s news. Bud and Eddie have more which will appear in the coming months. See who you can identify. What started as an idea quickly became a huge success. The show soon out grew Rollins Lake, moved to the Kmart center for a short stay and has found its’ home at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.

There are many people to thank for the success of the show. Ray Y….President at the time…being one of them. Ray and I discussed who those individuals were back at the beginning. Check this list out and remember it’s created from Ray’s memory banks. Ray was built using brain technology akin to the IBM 360… think vacuum tubes & punch cards. Cut the man a little slack if he’s left someone off. Cut me a little slack just cause I remember the IBM 360….Give me your addition and we’ll correct any omission in the coming months. Look at the names though…many are still 'busting buns' these many years later.

Steve & Diane A. – supplies
Carmen C. – Donations
Terry C. – Flyers
Dave C. – Food and Supplies
Wayne D. – Donations
Ed & Nancy J. – Cooking
John K. – Registration
Mike & Betty M. – Kitchen Help
Will & Irene S. – Prizes
Clare M. – Raffles
Lanny N. – General Help
Tom & Ruth C. – Donations
Rose L. – Helper

I threw out the question last month of just who & what should be on the poster image for the 20th year. 3 vehicles maximum generally provides the best image. So combining my thinking of honoring the people who made the show work with the suggestions put forth, here are the 20th version poster stars: Ray Y. and a 1965 T bird, Dick & Dottie a 1946 Ford Super Deluxe and Mike Zankich & Lynn and a 1957 Chevy Panel.

First car show meeting of the year will be March 12th, 5:30pm, Salvation Army Hall.

Since the last newsletter we are looking for a grounds set up director. Both Dave Garber and Gary Anderson have conflicting schedules preventing them from doing that job in 2019. Dave and Gary & team retrieve necessary stuff from storage, delivery it to the Fairgrounds and then reverse the procedure at the conclusion of the show. So a few hours Friday and Sunday is your work day.

The Nevada County Ag Boosters provided a great breakfast last year by all reports. Looks like they will repeat that task this year.

I’m working with a volunteer group interested in providing our dinner attraction on Friday Night. Too early to drop names but could be a win – win situation if it works out. Keep your fingers crossed.

Autorama happens in a few weeks. That’s the 15th -17th. It’s obviously a good venue for not only selling engine tickets but also getting the word out about our show in September. Can you spare some time to sell a few tickets and promote the show?

We’ve treated over 50 first responders to breakfast from various agencies these past few months.
Every single attendee and every agency has expressed gratitude to the Roamin Angels Membership for the effort. It’s so popular that Consolidated Fire …who has re-scheduled a few times because of shift changes ….is hoping we’ll give them one more try. PLEASE!

Sounds good to me! Let’s make it Friday February 8th.

There was a tremendous turnout for the Young Police officer from Davis killed. Many First Responders from Nevada County made the trip. Expect to hear just how much supporting them hits home. Again Thanks Gary Blum for your thoughtfulness.

The conversations, as you might imagine, have been interesting. Funny, heartbreaking, and informative.
One thing you might not expect is the common thread among our guests and us. These are the conversations I’ve been privy to; Mustang restorations, Porsche tuning, Camaro suspensions, Model “A’s”, Classic Fire Engines and last week… D3 Caterpillar tractor talk.

Thanks to all the breakfasteers for making the effort.

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