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Mike’s Thanks

Veterans and Memorial Day activities are a big focus for Club members. While not all are Veterans, all of us recognize their sacrifice & honor them. These are the people…Kids at the time…who stepped up and stepped forward to raise a right hand when the Country needed help. If you are a Veteran you know the bonds that are formed. Forever bonds. You look out for your buddy first, they look out for you.

There were close to a hundred people at the dedication and unveiling of the Marines’ new addition to the wall of honor. It’s a wall where living or passed all the Men and Women are special. Our Norm Dodson, Ray Y., David and Diane's family and my Dad are there to be honored and remembered. There are other current and past members I’m sure on the wall or ready to go up.

So the first Big thanks is to our Board who stepped forward with a big donation in the construction of additional wall. Thank You.

The next thank you is to ….YOU.

Survive The Drive

You just never know where something’s going to go when you do the right thing. Almost three years ago, a group led by Terry Edwards attended a Hwy 49 meeting. We’d lost some Bear River students to an unforgiving Hwy being used by people with terrible driving skills. The Club said enough and focused its’ hobby and skills on making teens safer. We’ve teamed with the CHP and Impact Teen Drivers to expose over 100 kids to safer driving. We’ll do it again in 2019 on April 27th. What you probably don’t know is that the local CHP was recently awarded $250K to focus on the 49 corridor (at least in part to your efforts) because education is a big focus. You were recognized by local CHP commander George Steffenson at a joint meeting held recently among CAL TRANS, Transportation Commissions of Placer and Nevada County, Board of Supervisors of the two Counties, State CHP, the State Fire Marshal, and State legislative representatives. Thank you all the Survive The Drive (STD) I & II Volunteers. Check out the little teaser conceptuals for the Hwy 49 “Turbo” roundabouts…… just may be the catalyst for the solutions.
20th Annual Car Show

We stage an awesome Car Show every year. 2019 will be our 20th. Twenty years folks! Think about what Mike Zankich is thinking about from his perch! Grown from filling a lake’s parking lot, to filling a Shopping center lot to filling a Fairgrounds. Who wuddda Thunk?? Mike likely! It’s a lot of work. A lot of team work to be exact. You should be proud of what you’ve built. Thank you all the volunteers.
I’d also like to thank a couple of outstanding individuals in the community.

First, Bart Riebe. He’s supported our show now for a number of years. While he helps out with other area shows, the dedication and level of support for “Cruisin the Pines” is comparatively over the top. He’s also recently shown Giant compassion to his employees and customers devastated by the “Camp” Fire.
Secondly, Jim & Judy and the Big A Family. Their generosity to and for this Club and community is amazing. Think of the many fund raisers and causes they have partnered with us to support. Kids, Veterans, and Toy Drives to name a few. We’d be lost without them.

Friday Morning Breakfast

Lastly from El Facilitator, Thanks to all the breakfast peeps. I know it’s nowhere near the crowd as in past days but the 20 or so people making the effort are making their mark. We’ve had kids join us, teachers, small business owners, First responders, Buzzards & Roadents, Mystery tools and parts, Car gals and unfortunately…. even politicians.

Here’s to a great year for you and your family. Look forward to 2019!

- Commentary by Mike H.

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