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November 2013

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2014 Membership Application: The 2014 membership application needs to be filled out COMPLETELY as we are updating and verifying our current database. The application will also be available online at the Roamin Angels website and it will also be emailed out to everyone who is on the current email distribution listing. Your applications needs to be POSTMARKED by December 31, 2013 to be included in the 2014 roster. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

pdfClick Here to Download the Roamin Angels Membership Application

Questions can be directed to Winnie V., Membership Chairperson. Contact her at

For Salvation Army Families
Attention Shoppers! Attention Shoppers!

Another fun year of shopping!! I need Roamin Angels to take 1, 2 or 3 families and do Christmas shopping. The families have written a "Wish List". So that can be a guide. The Roamin Angels club is also giving each family a Grocery Gift card. Save your receipts from your shopping, put inside an envelope with your Name on the outside and make sure I get the envelope. (Pat G.)

The Shopping must be completed by 12-16-13.

Our Distribution date is Thursday Dec 19th for our 40 Families. At the Veteran's Building on South Auburn St GV, upstairs. Time is 10:30 to noon. I do need help with the Distribution on Thur.s Dec 19th. I will have coffee, water & sweets for all my volunteers.

If questions or you can help Please call Pat 274-7814. Thanks!

Roamin Angels Christmas Party • Saturday, December 21.
Tickets on sale now through Dec. 13, 2013 to Roamin Angels members & non-members. There are only 200 tickets available. Please call Nancy J. 530-272-1202 if questions.
Ticket sale cut off is Wed. Dec. 13th 2013 – No Refunds


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January 27, 2014 • 6PM
Salvation Army, Grass Valley

December News By Mr. Cruise

Just days left to go in 2013. "Official" Cruisin' adventures are done for the year. A really quick trip around the Sun I thought.

We just finished the "Drive in movie" at Smiley Guys BBQ. Not quite the success I was hoping for but we all got to see a really bad movie and eat some good stuff. Moosha Ma brothers and sisters in the know. (You had to be there)

Let me give a shout out to some of the club's finest for helping out, participating and luring you into the WEB that is….

Mr. Cruise's Adventures
There was "Karaoke with Claude". Could have just as well been "Karaoke with the Hugenbergers". Thanks for sharing your passion. "Thor" for leading the charge to the Thunderbolt Shows. Nice look I thought. Apparently the ladies at the pool took to it. Jim for hosting Barrett Jackson even though he didn't buy me a damn thing. The "Classic" Squadron for making appearances at the Air shows. One and all for making it to "Big A" cruise nights. Sheila and Thane for "Cheeseburgers in Paradise". Bob and Debbe for being generous with their fabulous sweets and Ray for being generous with his wine shop. Landon, Dave, Norm, Claude, the Chatfields, and the Mullens for jumping in and driving places. Diane, Eddie, Ken and Sylvia for fun hops here and there. Sandy for scary, scary ghosts. Ted "The Banker" for sharing his fab-u-os digs. Bill and the Buzzards for taking us on the garage tours and out to Utah . Dan and Nikki for adding new meaning to Progressive dining. Christie for building a barn. The Olsens, Garbers, Hessels and Andersons for mystery tours and Bus rides. Karen and Bill for constantly pointing out typos on the flyers. I'd have to give Bev and Gio the award for displaying the most fun no matter where we went.

Thanks to the many, many members who gutted it up, stepped outside the comfort zone and gave it a try. Use it while you can. It doesn't last forever.

As to that other responsibility…..
Mex and Tex formed an advisory group to insure the Car Show's continued success. Thanks to Dusty, Dick, Dave G., and Landon for contributing their expertise and several others for their ideas.

THE issue we have is attendance on Sunday of the show. We owe it to the Community, Sponsors, and Vendors to either provide quality content on Sunday or be realistic and end the show Saturday.

What are our conclusions?
For 2014 we stick with mostly status quo EXCEPT, Sunday's show becomes part "B" of the Cruisin' the Pines Weekend show. While the exact content has not been determined, the general agreement is we would open the Sunday portion of the show to such groups as Foreign classics , Current muscle cars, vintage type trailers, and classic boats. We will market Sunday as a separate portion of the normal pre 1972 American iron content show. Very little changes for our typical pre '72 portion of the show. We're simply adding content for Sunday.

We know The Roamin Angels are an American Iron pre 1972 car Club. That will continue to be the focus of the show. Nothing says that we can't reach out and include our other common interests however.

FYI, we know everyone is not a FaceBook fan, understands it or cares. For our purpose, it's a good marketing tool. I posted a picture of a classic trailer on the RA page and alluded to our 2014 show. In 12 hours I got 550 hits mostly from atypical Roamin Angel "Friends" and one classic trailer wanting to sign up for the show. I think we're on the right tract.siasts for instance, help us spread the word. Share your knowledge of WEB sites or magazines we should be talking with. We need to get the word out as quickly and as far as we can. Diane and I are working on show Applications right now.

Dave G. is heading up the Autorama extravaganza for 2014. Mike W. and Ash are bringing back the engine as much to raise funds for our programs as to promote the Car Show. Volunteer to help them.

First Car Show meeting will be in February. You'll know when and where in plenty of time. Come on by

We stage a great show for the money. There are some inequities to the fees however. We'll be fixing those problems, providing choices for services and basically making the show free for members.

Can you hear me??? You will next year. Did you know the Fairground's sound system is not managed by the Fairgrounds? I've got a meeting scheduled in a few days to walk the system with right people and get it working.

There are many, many little details to work out. Adding a busy Sunday means more work for the volunteers. More gates to work, more security, more raffles…..more.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

How can you help right now? Easy! If you are a trailer or Boat guy/gal, or know some foreign car enthuand listen in and join the fun. We've got a couple of Directors jobs yet to fill. Ask anyone that worked last year and I'm sure you'll find out you can easily step up.

Have a good Holiday Season and party responsibly.
Mr. Cruise aka Mike H.

Club Activities - questions and answers? Check with Mr. Cruise, Mike H., Activities Chairperson.

See the Club Calendar. If you have an event or cruise you would like to suggest or lead, contact Mr. Cruise (aka Mike H.) at


Terry - PresidentPresident's message
First and foremost I want to wish all of the Roamin Angels a very joyous and happy holiday season. Kathy and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Club Christmas Party on December 21st. If you haven't gotten your tickets, you had better hurry as they are going fast.

Its just seems like a couple of weeks ago that I was writing about all the plans that were in the mixer for 2013 and here it is almost 2014. I swear the years just seem to go by faster and faster.

Thanks to the 32 members who took time out from their busy schedules to attend the Special Members Meeting on 11/25. They listened to a brief overview from the Voting Procedures Committee and then participated in a lively discussion period. As usual, there were lots of questions and many comments both pros and con.

The only item that was voted on was to determine if the Board should continue working on changing the current voting procedures and the relative areas of the ByLaws to allow for the direct voting by the membership for the officers and directors. The current procedure provides for a 9 member Board of Directors who is elected to serve a three year term. Each year the membership votes for 3 directors on a rotating basis. For example, this year the term expires for Edwards, Hauser and Robinson. Following the Annual Membership Meeting each February, the new Board convenes to elect the 4 officers and appoint the remaining 5 directors to an area of responsibility (ie. Membership, Scholarship, etc.)

Although this process has served the Club for the past 15-years, the majority vote was to scrap it in favor a a new voting procedure. The major revision will provide for the direct election for at least the President and Vice-President, however it may also include the remaining 2 officers plus the 5 directors at large. The Board is now directed to develop a proposal for the membership to vote on before the 2014 election. The Board doesn't meet in December but will take up this task at the January 2014 Board meeting. This is a big task that will take time to first work out all the details; write new policy; and then prepare all of the necessary amendments to the ByLaws.

Next on the Club calendar is the 24th Annual Roamin Angels Toy Drive on December 7th. Mike and Pauline W. have put together a great event at the Kmart Shopping Center parking lot. Any questions, please give Mike a call.

And don't forget the Annual Roamin Angels Christmas Party at Alta Sierra Country Club on Saturday, December 21st. The Choir of Angels will perform; Annual Service Award Winners will be recognized; there will be plenty of door prizes; music will be provided by Mad Dash for your listening and dancing pleasure. Call Nancy J. or Glenda A. to get your tickets.

Enough said – Have a Wonderful Christmas Holiday – Drive Safe and Keep All 4 on the Road.
See Ya on the Flip Side,

Board Highlights
Monday, November 25, 2013 • Salvation Army, Grass Valley

Meeting called to order at 6:03PM.

All Board Members present except DeeAnn B. 31 other Members in attendance.

Agenda reviewed.

Voting procedures committee is Dave B., Shawn B., Gin V. and Pat G.

Presentation of possible new voting procedure presented by the committee. The Roamin Angels was incorporated in 1997 with by-laws indicating 5 Board Members. As the Club grew in size, it was necessary to increase the Board from 5 to 7. In approximately 2001, the Board was increased to 9. George M. advised after calling everyone in the roster, only 2 Members were willing to run for the Board. There are currently 3 openings.

Question and Answer open discussion. Members were advised that the By-Laws will need to be revised to accommodate any changes.

Call for vote was made. Ballots were counted by Greg M. and witnessed by Bill R.

Treasurer's report given. It was decided the $1,000 donation from Tony at Mel's Diner in Auburn will be transferred to the Toy Drive Fund and $25 grocery gift cards will be given to each of the 40 families adopted by the Club. Approximately $12,000 is needed for the other local community donations. $1,000 will be left in the Toy Drive fund to avoid accruing monthly fees.We also need to show intent where the money is going to be distributed.

2014 Car Show – A committee was formed to troubleshoot and come up with ideas on how to keep participants at our Car Show on Sunday. Possibility of old boats, trailers, muscle cars and antique foreign cars. Time slots for different activities should be shifted around. Trophies for all vehicles will be given on Sunday.

Results of vote were made by Greg M. 28 Ballots were returned with the following:
17 in favor of continuing to set up a new voting procedure
11 in favor of leaving the voting as it is.

Toy Drive on Saturday, Dec. 7 at K-Mart, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
Christmas Dinner is on Saturday, Dec. 21. $35 per person. Contact Nancy Johnson for reservations. 62 have signed up so far.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.


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