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August 2013

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Winners- Oregon-Mels
Roseburg Oregon Car Show - Ron O. won an award with his 1959 Chevy El Camino. Mels Diner Car Show Winner - Righteous Rat Rod - Lynn P.

Norm D. and his 49 Merc won a trophy in Rio Linda at the Thunderbolts Show.

Friday Night Dinner - Doug V., Chairperson

Looking for help with the Friday night (Car Show) BBQ. Last year with your help we served 1250+ diners in a little over 3 hours. To date I am looking for kitchen help, runners (walking is fine), servers, clean-up, cake, drink & coffee help. Also "part time" help to relieve other workers. If you would like to help, give Doug a call at 530-637-4170 or email at
Grounds Patrol - Jerry B., Chairperson
Need golf cart drivers for the Boy Scouts who are doing trash patrol. Contact Jerry at 477-6721
Artisan Arts & Crafts Faire - Diane B., Chairperson
Duties include manning the Artisan table, being available to assist vendors and answer spectator questions. 2-hour shifts Saturday - starting at 10am, and Sunday – starting at 10am through 2pm. Plus set up on Thursday at 3pm and clean up on Sunday from 2:30-3:30pm. If you would like to help, please contact Diane at 477-0607 or
Information Booth – Linda P., Chairperson
Hi All: I am asking for volunteers to help with the information booth at the car show. The booth will be at Gate 1. The shifts are two hours with two people for each shift. The Saturday shifts are: 8 to 10 am (need one person); 10 am to noon (one person needed); noon to 2 pm (two people); and 2 to 4 pm (two people). The Sunday shifts are: 10 am to noon (one person needed) and noon to 2 pm (one person needed). If you wish to signup, please call Linda Pritchard at 271-7456 or email me at
Looking For Something To Do At The Show?
Check out who's looking for help at the club's Information Booth. They will have a listing of what areas are needing assistance and who to contact. The Information Booth is located at the Main Gate - Gate 1- of the Fairgrounds.



August News By Mr. Cruise

I've heard nothing but great feed back about the Cruise to Oregon. Lots of stuff to do, reasonable prices ....down right cheap in some instances, fun and games at all the venues. Someone got to play "Mr Fireman" we hear. We're going to suggest Nikki make someone wear a safety helmet. Great job Mike, Diane, Rick and Margie!

We did have a good group assembled for the day at the Airfest. We departed Paulette's with 23 Roamin Angel cars and two guest cars. It was a nice looking classic train up the hill to the airport. Hopefully we can get Cobra owner and guest Mike Thompson to join up. Need some help there Chuck & Doreen.
In August we've got excellent adventures with Landon & Dave...see the article...

Friday morning breakfasts with comedy, Saturday morning coffee klatch at "The Donut shop" hosted by those Roadents, a general meeting "Big A" cruise on the 20th , and the monthly Pizza nights, Mel's nights, and Alta Sierra show and shine. You have so many opportunities to cruise short or long or both. Get that bomb out of the garage and go somewhere!

Get out of cruise mode now and let's talk Car show.

Jean had a couple of people ask what was going on at this year's show. Tex and I have worked hard keeping the show the same.....but different. We are ahead of last year's car count, we've got more vendors of all types asking for space, it will be good.

Here are the highlights. If you have any questions about a particular event or want to help out, give Tex, Mex or your favorite director a call. Don't forget, member registration costs double in mid August. Send in those green apps now. Look at what you'll get.

Friday Night
BBQ, Rock and Roll, Big Raffle part "A", a rumored cackle fest by the "Bad Boys of Bonneville" (sssssshhh!)

Saturday & Sunday...check the program for times
Opening ceremonies
Pinstriping displays and auction
Kilroy's Klunker Contest…even if you have no clue you may win a Lazy Dog treat
Groovy Surfin Music with the Sneaky Tikis...Lynn Price's personal request & favorite
Joe "Mr. Candy Apple" Bailon autographs
Artisans Faire
Riebes' NASCAR display with Dale Earnhardts #3, McAnnaly racing and the NASCAR engine
$50,000 Safe Cracker tries
Mr. Wizard and the science of cars
Rock and Roll Friday and Saturday Evenings with "Road Test"…(Beer & wine booth open late)
Gravity Drags
Big Raffle
KVMR world wide remote Doo Wop Broadcast, Bring your socks for the hop
50/50 raffle
The Off Broad Street All Stars Music Revue
Sacramento State SAE racing team and car demonstration
A Saturday Cackle Fest courtesy of the Buzzards and friends....15 Dragsters
Sac Auto Museum displays
CHP displays and activities…(look out Buzzards)
Boy Scouts Flag retirement ceremony
Sierra College Automotive engineering
Poker Runs
NSRA inspections
Car Corral

All the popular vendors, food and…… did I mention Cars? Be there or be square!

Club Activities - questions and answers? Check with Mr. Cruise, Mike Hauser, Activities Chairperson.

See the Club Calendar. If you have an event or cruise you would like to suggest or lead, contact Mr. Cruise (aka Mike H.) at


Terry - PresidentPresident's message
Looking at the calendar on the wall we are six weeks away from "THE BIG SHOW". All of the critical contracts and agreements have been signed and most of products and supplies are either on order or ready to order. Mike, Dave and all the chairpersons have shifted into overdrive putting the finishing touches on "Cruisin' the Pines" #14.

What can you do to help? Event posters need to be distributed – call Wally Kronland and he'll set you up with the posters and a specific area. There are distribution lists to guide you to the various stores and offices.

If you haven't signed up with one of the show chairmen to help out at the Show, call either Mike Hauser or Dave Brown. They know what areas need help and will put you in contact with the right people. You can also inquire about which area needs help at the Information Booth which will be located close to Gate #1.

It's up to each and every member of the Roamin Angels to do everything that we can to make "our Guests" feel welcome and help meet their expectations for a great weekend.

Arrangements are under way for the Club to spend a few minutes remembering and reflecting on all of the Club's "Fallen Angels". At a date and time to be announced in the near future, Club members will gather and cruise out on Rough and Ready Highway to the Hospice of the Foothills facility. With our cars in view, our Club Chaplain John Klein will lead us in a pray of remembrance and time will be allotted for members to tell a story of whatever for one of members on Heavens Highway. We will conclude by presenting a donation check to the executive director at Hospice. Please plan on attending this special "HOUR OF REMEMBRANCE".

Now, just for fun, I'm looking into a wild idea. The Minnesota Street Rodders Association conducts a yearly "Going Back To The `50's Get Together" at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul. 2013 marked the 40th anniversary for this event. It is known as the largest gathering of pre-1965 classics and hot rods in the United States with some 12,000 participants and 125,000 spectators. I am exploring the concept of putting some type of a ROAD TRIP together for the 2014 event on June 20th-22nd. Three concepts have been raised so far; 1) Drive It – All The Way; 2) Trailer our cars to Des Moines, fly in and drive the 250 miles to St Paul; 3) Kathy finds us another great bus deal and we cross the country like a college football team.

Let me know what you think about this idea. Send me an email and just say, I/We like Option 1; Option 2; Option 3; or No Interest. Much more to come on this.

Enough Said – Have A Cool August – Keep All 4 on the Road
Catch Ya on the Flip Side,

Board Highlights
Monday, July 22, 2013 • Salvation Army, Grass Valley

1. Meeting called to order at 6:05PM.
2. Nothing for Open Forum.
3. All Board Members present. Only 6 other members attended.
4. Meeting agenda reviewed and approved.
5. No correspondence.
6. Motion to approve June minutes made by DeeAnn B. and seconded by Linda P.
7. Treasurer's report given. No big changes. We had a few car show expenses. We should get a list of the fixed assets from Greg M. and add them to our P&L.
8. Board Member Reports
A. Dave B. – The voting committee report will be presented at the next Board Meeting.
B. Nikki G. – Nothing to report.
C. Karin R. – Nothing to report.
D. John P. – There are 2 scholarships this year. We are still waiting for the paperwork.
E. DeeAnn B. – Ed Johnson has a contagious infection. No visitors, but cards and calls OK. Nolie Madsen had back surgery. Sue Olsen's brother passed away. Cards were circulated.
F. Greg M.-Fixed assets can be used for Club sponsored events, Club sanctioned events and Club Members.
G. Mike H. - Next month's General Meeting will include a trip to Big A. Dave G. and Landon S. will have an event planned for August 24th.
H. Terry E. – Nothing to report.
I. Winnie V. – 3 new Members for the Club.
9. Old Business
A. New voting procedure suggestions will be presented at next Board Meeting.
B. Still working on possibly getting together with ROP program/youth.
C. On track for the car show. Radio presentation on KAHI on 8-11 at 8:00AM.Posters handed out by Wally K. to distribute. Call him if you would like to help out.
D. "Classic Cars Only" policy: If the function is club-sponsored , all members are invited. Club-sanctioned activities are at the discretion of the planning committee. It was again suggested some flexibility be considered.
10.New Business
A. See Board Member Report under 8F.
B. $500 is going to be donated to Hospice of the Foothills. A presentation date will be set up. John Klein will be there as our Chaplain. Heaven's Highway board will be place in their lobby for a few days. Wally K. will check into the possibility of us sponsoring a leaf for the tree of life.
C. Suggestion was made by Dave B. to make some changes to our Membership Cards. We will have them include our address and phone number on the front and Club Member benefits listed on the rear.
D. Terry E. checking into the possibility of getting a group together to go to a car show in St. Paul. MN. They have an annual show that included approximately 12,000 vintage cars (1964 and older). NO Mustangs allowed. It is 1920 miles each way. Checking into using a car hauler to get the vehicles back and us possibly flying there to save on gas, rooms, food, etc. If interested at all, please contact Terry E.
E. Winnie V. expressed her thanks for all the help and attendance at Manny's Celebration of Life.
11. Meeting adjourned at 6:50PM.

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