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We had an awesome first car show meeting this past month.

Most of us have been at this awhile. We have the drill down and every year it’s mostly a matter of coordinating, clarifying and verifying. Thanks to all who’ve been at this awhile now.
What was absolutely awesome were the new volunteer directors ….some seasoned members….some ROOKS!

Here’s what we have….here’s what we need.

Friday Food Service – Ken and JoAnn B.
Big Raffle – Paula B., Jean H.
Artisans – Pat B. & Diane B.
Art Show – Sue B.
Food Vendors – Shawn B.
Commercial Vendors – Dave G.
Gates – Kriss S.
Car Corral – Jim R.
Sponsorship – Wally K., Gary B., Ron C.
Poker Run - Vacant
Beer and Wine - Jim G.
Product Sales – Gin V.
Trash – Pam & Fred D.
Registration – John K.
Trophies – Gary B., Ron C.
Publicity – Wally K.
Memorabilia – Anthony .
Facilities – Gary D.
Applications Processing – Dee Ann B.
Security – Bill B./John P.
Signage – Dan G.
49er 50/50 Raffle – Clare M.
Engine – Vacant
Grounds Set Up/Tear Down – Bruce K. – Mel I.

As usual, Dick T.’s team … The “Lick ‘Em, Stick ‘Em Girls”….again…his name…not mine….. will once again go to work this next Month getting our direct mailing out to non member past show entrants. That means stuffing roughly 1800 applications into envelopes and putting them in the mail. Want to help? Call Pat G. and she’ll fill you in on the when and where, not to mention the “L.E.S.E.” gossip topics. Every helper gets a free “ Lick’Em Stick “Em Crew” T shirt compliments of “Cruisin the Pines”. Perfect for weeding the garden or mucking the stalls.

Just about that same time we’ll start our marketing on social media as well. That goes to a base of about 1200 followers on Facebook and another 1000 or so on other platforms. Just as last year, everyone can register on line at the Roamin Angels WEB page.

One of the changes we’ve made this year’s show is to remove the pre-1972 stipulation for the weekend and instead roll with the generic “Classic” label. Most other major shows have done likewise to broaden the base.

Survive the Drive
We are about to start hardcore efforts at promoting and staging Survive the Drive III.

Like last year you’ll see a series of ads appear in the Union courtesy of our good friends at Big “A”. Those actually started in mid March and will continue till just prior to the event April 27th. We’ll make some radio appearances, run some ads on KNCO and have an article in the Union again.

You should be aware of the “STDIII” fundraiser happening at Big A Wednesday April 10th. This is an all day affair meaning….. you can have a rootbeer when Big A opens, return to have lunch, come back for the car judging and dinner, and those of you really hardcore can close Big A that evening with desert… a cheeseburger. You laugh but I’ve seen the Big A security tapes and….I’ve said enough.

IT ALL COUNTS!!! This year the funds we raise have even more meaning. As you know the “Great Race” will be coming through town June 24th. One of the cars will be a special “Teen” entry featuring NU students and a Robert Brocke (Foothill Car Care) Datsun. In support of safe ten driving and to promote our efforts the Club will be supporting this entry. Robt will be sporting some graphics while making the 1000 mile journey. How cool?!! If they win? Could be off the charts. See Pat G about what else is going on and how you can help when they come through town.

Next car show meeting is Tuesday, April 9th, Salvation Army Hall, 5:30pm.


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