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Survive The Drive 2018Just about ready to stage “Survive the Drive II”. All the players have checked in and confirmed their participation. The next goal is to push hard on the parents to sign them and the kids up.

You’ll see a series of ads and possibly an article appear in the Union courtesy of our good friends at Big “A”. I’ve been on “Cruisin Garage” and will make another talk appearance Sunday April 15th with an ITD representative to promote the day. April 4th and 18th a group of us will appear on KNCO 1-2pm to do likewise and KNCO is running a series of 60 second spots beginning April 1. April 19th and 20th Pat G. and I will be at NU when ITD and the CHP address the Freshman classes. Lastly, Riebes has stepped up once again not only participating but twisting an arm or two to arrange for TV coverage by one of the Sac stations.

Keep your fingers crossed.

We have 22 volunteers signed up. We could use a few more. Give me a buzz…..and get that Grandkid or neighbor teen ready to Survive the Drive.

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