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Started in 1962 in Grass Valley, the Roamin Angels have grown to a car club to about 150 members.

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Weekly: Friday Mornings 7am, Doors open at 6:30am
Penny's Diner on Grass Valley Hwy., Grass Valley.

1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the Month
Round Table Pizza on Sutton Way-Grass Valley 5:30pm. Meeting starts at 6pm.

Normally held in February. Location varies.
General membership welcome. Reports regarding the state of the Club, speakers, announcements, Service Awards and Member of the Year presentation.

Does your organization have an event that you would like the Roamin Angels to participate in? The club gets requests from the community and other organizations to participate in their events on a regular basis. Organizations and groups who want to make presentations about their events will be able to do so at the General Meeting. After making contact with either the Club President or activities chairperson, the group may be invited to present their event. Presentations will not be made during the Friday morning breakfast meetings.

Established in 1962
• Currently about 140+ members
• Over 500 Pre-'72 Classic Cars, Hot Rods & Trucks
• Newsletters are normally distributed on the first Wednesday of the month at the Pizza Night. Club members are also offered the option of having their newsletters emailed or mailed to them.
• Club dues are $65/first year-new members, $40/year renewal- payable by December 31st. Add $18 to have your newsletter mailed to you. Dues are not pro-rated.
• Annual car show is held in September.
• Who can join? Anyone with an interest in classic American-made cars and preserving the hobby.
• Members are required to volunteer 10 hours a year.

photos from club meeting at Roamin Angels

Roamin Angels plagueHISTORY

In 1962, the future Roamin' Angels were into hopping up their cars and drag-racing in Grass Valley, California. Inspired by the book "Hot Rod" by Henry Gregor Felson, they formed a car club and worked towards convincing the city fathers to convert an old airstrip into a drag strip.The idea was to ban street racing by members of the club and to help people stranded on the road. Cards would be printed to give to those they assisted so that they might know who had helped them. Then, of course, the city fathers would realize what a great group they were and fund a drag strip where they could legally race. Now, they needed a name. Roamin Angels was chosen as it reflected the roaming nature of its members and that they acted as angels for those in road distress.

As the years passed, no drag strip was ever given to the Angels and the members went their separate ways. The Roamin Angels seemed destined for the scrapyard. But cars were in the blood of some of the members, a condition that couldn't be cured. Around 1980, two of the original members started meeting at a local coffee shop to talk about cars. Soon a couple more of the old Angels joined them. Then car fanatics who had never been Angels in the '60s started dropping in. The Roamin Angels were back on the streets.


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