Fins & Fenders Art Show at the 2019 Car Show

This years show was extra special as folks came together to make car art very special happening that included creating a small paper mâché sculpture of the Planters Peanut Mobile. Artists and visitors to the show contributed their talent to help make this a fun event.
Our Best of Show award this season, went to Bob Wise for his pencil art titled, “Overstocked”.

Bob Wise – Overstocked

Bob has been entering in the show for many years and has graced the Roamin’ Angels with his art for the Car Show Posters. He and his wife, Mercedes always come up from Sacramento and help out with the car art show.
Joe Stratton won in two different categories, Fins and Fenders theme category he entered a truck titled “Eguidorian Hot Rod” and in the overall fine Art category he entered “Porsche BT” .

Dianne Di Carlo brought home a ribbon in the watercolor category for her painting titled “Grandpa’s Truck”.
Artist, Craig Bowers brought a beautiful painting that gave him a first place in the Fins and Fenders theme category. He titled his piece, “Fender Reflections”.

Local watercolor artist, Mim Meakin, went home with a first place blue ribbon for her great painting titled ” Cadillac”. She has been entering in the show for years and often helps with the production of the show. This season she enjoyed being an entrant.
Milan Young brought an old, old pen and ink of his high school dream of owning a Porsche. He made the dream come true and has had a 914 for over 25 years. He delighted the judges and in turn they gave him a first place in the mixed media category.

The show is always honored to have artists bring sculpture work. This year artist, local artist, Kathleen Woolsey entered her version of welded gears that light up a room.

Of course, the show would be incomplete without a Hauser brother entering their talent. This season we congratulate, Mike Hauser for his mixed media piece called, “Willy’s or Won’t He”. Nice work Mike!

Some artists we were unable to be photographed by their art, but we want to thank them for bringing such wonderful car art!
Louise Pryor, local Pioneer Arts member and art teacher entered two acrylic pieces, “The Rusty Bug” and won second place in the Fins and Fender theme category and her acrylic, called “The Jensen” brought her an honorable mention.

Artist Bill Zankich brought his piece titled, “Red Hawk”. He brought home a ribbon in mixed media.

George Kilner, long time local oil painter received a first place ribbon for his fall colored painting, called “The Blacksmith “.

All in all it was a show that caught the beauty of our cars, they are art! Thanks to everyone who helped put this season’s show together. Truly a group effort.