Drive and Survive™

Drive and Survive™ Postponed Indefinitely.

Drive and Survive™ Friends…I got home last night only to discover we had lost another awesome teen in a driving accident. Alyssa Soheda, a 2019 Bear River Grad, was killed on Hwy 49 after crossing into traffic and suffering a head on collision.

It causes me great personal pain then that I must announce the indefinite postponement of the 2020 “Drive and Survive” event. I know I speak for the many Roamin Angels, Community Businesses and Volunteers that stage “Drive and Survive” every year.

The 4th annual event was scheduled for April 25th. The very best and optimistic guess is that students will return to class and normalcy April 13th. Even if that occurs, Students, Teachers and Parents will have their minds focused on other necessities.

I will make every effort to reschedule “Drive and Survive” in the Fall. Failing that we’ll move on to 2021.

Thank you everyone for your support of the kids and our attempts to make them safe. The Soheda family… all our kids…. are in our thoughts. These are America’s assets and our Country’s future. Our little investment in driving safely can have such a great return.

Hang in there.

Mike Hauser

Drive and Survive™ Teen Safety and Responsibility Training CourseTeen Driving Safety Event: Drive and Survive™
Saturday, April 25, 2020

Every one of us knows that there are obstacles to overcome in staging an event no matter how long the event has been going on. Look at this year’s “Cruisin’ the Pines” show as an example. You’d think after 20 years, most of it in the same location at the same time would be a piece of cake to repeat. 

Then along comes 2020! Fairground’s thinks differently. Obstacles abound. Stand behind Jim and Ron and support them.

This will be our 4th year of a teen safe driving event. Everyone one of our volunteers and support organizations want to help out again.

Then along comes 2020! Some individual lays claim to the “Survive the Drive” name. It’s trademarked. Find a new name. You can’t use this one. Thank you very much. You’d think a name would be the least of the challenges in staging the event. Nope. It’s says what you’re doing. It allows you to market the event. It connects with parents and Kids and ties past participants to current happenings. Yep, just a few words….but important words.

Folks, it’s been frustrating. Then you advise the helpers and past participants of what’s transpiring. Then you get……

“I hope the legal stuff all works out! We really appreciated the course for our daughter two years ago…and our son is up next.  He will have his permit by April, so the timing is perfect! “…A Dad

“Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the families and our precious kiddos in Nevada County! “ …..A Mom 

“You know Tom and I will find plenty of opportunities to get you “On the Air” whenever you’re ready. Teen Safe Driving Program is important.”……KNCO

“On my calendar Let’s do it!”…A Volunteer

“On my way over…let’s talk about what we can do…..the “Big”est community support business in the County gets an ”A”!”

“It is marked down on my calendar.  I am all yours that day.”…..The CHP

“The whole family stands ready to help”……A victims family

So you take a deep breath and go for it. 

Thank you Jim and the Board for making the effort to secure our new name “Drive and Survive™”  which is trademarked now in 50 States. Now we can move forward.

 In the mean time? Have a Grandkid that you want to help keep alive on our roads? How about  a neighbor’s son or daughter? A buddie’s kids? Talk it up. Get them to signup! 

Pencil in Saturday April 25th for another rewarding volunteer day. 

Remember those kids that didn’t make it.