CTE and Miracles

We Roamin Angels have done a lot of great things for this community. Toy Drives, Teen Safe Driving, Classic Car Shows, Veterans donations, championing all kinds of projects and non profits like the Salvation Army, Food Bank, Senior Services and standing by operations like Hospice.

At the top of my personal list has been the kids which I view as the key to the Country’s future. They see us getting our hands dirty helping others, they get the idea. They see us working hard, they get the idea. They see us using our brains and hands to mess with and create these Rods and classics, they get the idea.

I brought you up to date on some good news about Bear River H.S. taking the initial steps to revive engine repair. Instructor Andy has 60 kids signed up for small engine repair classes. The Club has joined Riebes and NAPA to begin to fund and supply them tools and equipment to foster the growth and program.

“Sales Manager” Gary relayed this information to friend, Tracey. Tracey had lost her husband at the start of COVID and she was visiting.

Sit down now….this is when the string of miracles start.

Tracey’s husband was the maintenance manager at Bear River until he retired. Tracey and her husband were car nuts. Sitting in his Redding garage now a partially restored 1938 Dodge pickup. Her husband’s final wishes and her desire was to donate the Dodge to the NUHSD so the kids could have a project. Tracey learned of my involvement with the NUHSD CTE programs because of Gary and asked me to try and to make it happen.

Once school resumed, we were able to meet and last Friday instructors George and Andy were a phone call close to making it happen. NU has the great facilities and an established talent pool. BR will be sub’ed things like body and electrical work so it’s a district wide project with all the kids involved.

Keep sittin’…

This has to be a an ”after school” project in some sense cause it will take more time than the normal school hours allow. George and the District are looking at forming a “Car Club” (the Junior Angels Maybe????) so the Dodge can be finished then used and displayed at local car shows, football games, graduations, community events etc etc. There may be a need to involve some Angel mentors.

Ah ah ahhhh, plant your tush…

Look what George and the NU kids just finished….does anyone else see young Buzzards?

This Plymouth Duster was built by the kids. They recently raced it at Sonoma and did 111MPH in the quarter. The kids are excited to show us the Duster so they will be at “Cruisin’ the Pines” with it and their personal cars just to show us and show off.

Keep up the great support my fellow car peeps. Even the Scouts have reported a surprising growth these last few months in membership in part because of community dedication in helping the Boys and Girls experience life like we did.

More soon on helping them and turning them into car peeps too.

Stay tuned.