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4th of July Parade - Interfaith Food Ministry Classic Car request

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The reason for my request is because IFM was asked to be part of the Local Heroes Parade on 4th of July in downtown Grass Valley. No walking is allowed at this parade and we were a bit at a loss on how to drive in the parade. We thought of just driving in on the IFM delivery truck and hanging our banner, which is not a bad idea.  Then I thought of the Roamin' Angels and wondered if any of your members would like to offer their beautiful vehicle in the parade. The owner would drive their car, of course, but we would like to have someone with an IFM banner along for the ride. I know 4th of July is a busy weekend for most.  But, perhaps there is at least just one out there who would love to show off their gorgeous car in the Grass Valley Local Hero Parade on behalf of IFM. I look forward to your thoughts and I'm only an email or phone call away to discuss more details if you have any questions.
In Gratitude, 

Naomi Cabral 
Development Director
Interfaith Food Ministry
440 Henderson St.
Grass Valley, Ca. 95945
Office: 530-273-8132
Cell: 530-870-0177
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