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My 1931 Ford Covid-19 Car

Terrible title for a story! But hang in there, it gets better. The story actually starts around the year 2011 or so. I found and purchased a 1931 Ford Model A 5-window coupe body. It had doors, trunk lid and misc. trim parts, but no frame or motor, glass, etc. With the help of Ray Yedding, I found a frame for a modest amount. Then I ran across a 1956 Oldsmobile. It was a 4 door, but complete and sort of ran. I paid only $200 for it. So now…

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The Good Old Days

The Land Of The Very Old THE GOOD OLD DAYS I was sitting in our car outside of a local super market while my wife, Tina, went to pick up a prescription for me. As I watched an older woman direct a store employee to where her car was parked, another old couple were hanging on to each other looking for where their car was located. Behind them was a man I assumed was a retired soldier who only had only one leg. He had a guide dog who was…

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Annual Meeting & Event Planning

Roamin Angels’ Annual Meeting & Event Planning Saturday, February 24, 2024 • Salvation Army Hall The annual meeting, held at the Salvation Army hall, was well attended. The board members gave their respective reports and Jean Hauser, the treasurer, handed out P&L sheets on the financial health of the club – which was positive. If a club member would like a copy of the report, they should contact Jean H. It was encouraged that the Trailblazers Get Together be sanctioned as a club meeting with guests and non-members being welcomed….

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Kudos and Announcements – March 2024

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 “Hands-On Day” Silver Springs High School Highlighting the CTE programs existing at the other High School campuses and start one at this location. Note: Invites have already gone out to a few Angels and others – mechanics to be worked out who can display their skills and rewards. Contact Event coordinators: Bart and Mike. JUST A NOTE: (from Lanny N.) The other day I was at a local yard sale, I was driving one of my old cars. A woman looked at me and said “are…

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The Popular Story of Ferrari’s Horse Emblem

When Enzo Ferrari was a boy, he admired this WWI pilot who favored lots of power and speed. Later on, Enzo worked for Alfa Romeo, but he always wanted to manufacture his own racing cars.  In Italy, having a logo (usually an animal) is a major part of the identity of a company. So Enzo went to the widow of the WWI pilot to seek permission to use her late husband’s logo of a prancing horse. As the story goes, she asked “what do you want to use ii cavallino…

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New Tech

Cousin Dave, the Cruizin’ Mexican and the Car-Nut Gene Cousin Dave got the same gene I did and is a car nut. As with most genes, his was modified such that he loves to go FAST. He had a Cobra , moved to a Chrysler Viper, and now has a Miata. He’s raced at all the tracks in Northern California, most recently at Monterey to end the season winning in his class.  Me? Nothing better than resting that folded arm out the window and enjoying the ride! I’m the Cruzin’…

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Ray’s Story or “Does this sound familiar”?
Ray, Will Shaw and the Salvation Army Captains

As best I can remember I was making about $1 an hour working at the gas stations back in Richmond Indiana. You know, gassing up the cars, checking the belts, washing the windows …all that stuff. I saved up enough to buy my first car, a 1936 Packard, for $75. Nice car but I soon discovered the block was cracked and I had to get rid of it because it was too expensive for a 16 year old to fix. Got rid of it and spent $50 on a 1936…

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