The Roamin Angels Car Show has been cancelled for 2021. Be safe and cruise safely.

Story Time

The pictures of the kids in the Mustang are some of my favorites. When I was on the Board as the Event guy I arranged a visit to Hennessy School to stage a small car show specifically with cars the kids could get into and mess with. These kept saying “I’m driving to New York!!!!” I use this photo as back drop on one of the computers, so I see it frequently. It leads me to the point of this note told in a couple of stories… Story 1 I…

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Mentoring the Future

This is an overview of the mentoring/intern program (CTE) at Nevada Union High School (NUHS) and my participation in the program. – Randy K. Our Roamin Angels’ colleague, Mike Hauser, has been a huge advocate of community involvement on behalf of the Roamin Angels especially with the youth of our community.  He recruited me in late 2018 to work with George Woodward, Auto Shop instructor at NU, to possibly mentor/intern a student in my shop.  I interned a student, Dillion Haemmig, the spring semester of 2019.  It went very well….

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Covid Cruise Ideas

After reading Ray Y.’s ‘letter’, it made me think that he was right and maybe there is fun and memories to be made inspire of Covid and it’s restrictions. So I researched out some driveable cruises that would be easy to plan and would also be fun to do. Spring is on the way…anyone interested in getting the car out and taking a safe and insanity-resistant cruise? – Diane B. Ken Fox’s Great Statues of Auburn • Auburn, California A 45-ton concrete statue of a Gold Rush era miner stands at…

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Ray’s First Car

The caption under the newspaper photo reads “Raymond Yedding is only one of the many Wayne county boys working on their entries for the Wayne County Opti-Derby. The local Optimist club is sponsoring the event to be held on West Main Street near Clear Creek park on August 21.” Ray’s love of cars and working on them started at a young age. This car(t) was made from a crate. Did Ray win? You’ll need to ask him.

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The Famous Lincoln’s Towing Pink Toe Truck

Proudly displayed in the Museum of History and Industry is one piece of Seattle history that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. History doesn’t have to be stuffy as shown by this artifact on exhibit. Of course, we are talking about the famous Lincoln Towing’s Pink Toe Truck. This bubblegum colored tow truck with five toes on top is one of Seattle’s iconic images. I have wanted to write a feature article about the Toe Truck for a while. I recently read Life Through the Rearview Mirror,…

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A Letter To Roamin Angels

It’s 5:30am and cold outside. The first snow of the season is blanketing the ground. I feel the warm glow from the fireplace and take a sip of my steaming cup of coffee while sitting at my computer looking at all the new emails that have popped up. I click on one from Diane Blakley about upcoming events. After reading it, I got out the 2020 Roamin Angels’ roster. As I looked through the roster, I realized there were over 30 members I didn’t know or could recognize. How many…

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Time Machine – Revisited

As I observe our fast paced plastic world of gadgetry, I begin to realize my sanity is beginning to stretch its imagination to the breaking point to meet this high tech new millennium.  I am thankful I can still find radio stations that play Blues and 50s’ Rock and Roll music. So what does an old codger like me have to do to keep his mental normality and retain a wholesome out look on life? I slip away to my garage where hidden under a cover is my precious Time…

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A Special Ingredient

Chris Mulder (a longtime Roamin Angel, who recently passed away) and I were making a pot of Chili for a Roamin Angels’ function, I think it was either a Grandpa’s Memorial at Ed and Nancy Johnson’s place or it could have been the Jack & Bill Garage Tour. Chris was watching over the chili when some of the ashes from his cigar fell into the pot. Well, I looked at him and smiled and just stirred them in. We called it Buzzard’s Breath Chili. That sounded like a good name…

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