Car Show, Beyond And More

Original 'goldenrod' from the first Roamin Angels car show at Rollins Lake


Spring has sprung….

How can I tell? Well, that wet stuff has finally ceased or at least dramatically slowed down, Jean’s flowers have pop’ed igniting color all over the place, I’m sneezing cause of all that yellow stuff, I weed wacked this past weekend and…… oh yeah the car show is coming together with (knock on wood) very few glitches so far.

As you know, John “Padre” K. has moved out of state which necessitated finding a trainee for this year and to do the gate check in for 2020’s show. Thank you Karin R. for volunteering. John and Karin will work together this year to get it done and work on the OJT for 2020.

That leaves one last position open for 2019 which is the Poker Run Directorship. Come on…. You know you want to raise your hand! Come to the next meeting on May 14th and recite after me…I do! We’ll have a guest with us at the next meeting. That would be the classic motorcycle collector from last year who brought a couple of bikes & has been invited to talk with us about developing that following. Lots O potential to up registration, sponsorship and the Gate.

Killer 4×4’s will be back again this year thanks to Big A and IH. If you’re like me, you’ve got an open eye for the unusual car. The version you rarely see. The model or color that’s unique. I spotted a 70’s 4×4 VW bus In a parking lot not long ago. I left a note on the window but it occurred to me we need some handouts for the same purpose. Let it be said, let it be done. You want some? Come on by.

For whatever the reason we seem to be in a period of survivor cars all of a sudden. It hit home with me when the Bro stopped by with a 1 of 100 Ranchero running well but not really touched since ’71. Gary with the same observation has created a Survivor award category this year and we’ll offer a central parking area. Got one or know someone with the same?…spread the word.

As we do a couple of times per month, Jean and I stopped by “Simply Country” to stock up on feed for the horses. We’ve been long time customers and Curt was a show sponsor (good job Gary!) last year so we got to talking. Love to have you at the show again….love to have you back….Yes we do a raffle…. Jean’s working the “Big Raffle” this year….would you like to participate?….Yes our community support includes the Veterans…..we have many Vets who are Roamin Angels…..we invite them to the show every year….Yep we had a Huey visit us….You want to donate what? Curt, you’ve got to be kidding!!!….Check the “What” out folks. Not only is it donated but Curt wants us to use it around town to sell tickets between now and “Cruisin the Pines”. Look for the “Jeep” up close and personal at the downtown show May 4th and then again on Memorial Day the 28th and after that when and where it makes sense.

How can you help make the 20th a great show?

Let’s start with the no brainers; Know someone with a classic car, classic motorcycle, gnarly 4WD or survivor? Invite them to the show then invite them to go online to and sign up for the show. Talk the show up!!

Secondly, “Young Gear Heads” will once again be featured on Sunday of the show. Have a Grandkid or a neighbor teen that enjoys cars and maybe has pride in a certain vehicle? Does not matter what year, make or model. Invite them to enter the competition with their peers to win cash prizes.

Next, volunteer to help one of the directors operate their part of “Cruisin the Pines”. The whole experience is fun and if you just help out a couple of hours over the weekend it really helps us.

Lastly, you need to get registered as well. Go to our WEB site and do it online. It takes just a few minutes and don’t forget your member registration includes dinner for two for members on Friday night of the show. Don’t do “online”? The paper version is included in this month’s issue.

Next car show meeting is Tuesday, May 14th, Salvation Army Hall, 5:30pm.