Car Show, Beyond And More – July 2019

It gets said over and over again in one fashion or the other…but once again I will observe: This year has flown by!

Here we are on the downside of 2019 and closing in on “Cruisin the Pines” number 20. This is the July newsletter for Pete’s sake!! Pretty soon we’ll be talking “Toy Drive” aaaahhhhh!!!

Deep breath Mike…….

Alexander Rossi – former recipient of the Roamin Angels Scholarship

Let’s talk Racing…

Our Mr. Alexander Rossi has been thrilling the socks off everyone in 2019. He’s got three 2nd place finishes and two 1st place races. One of those 2nd places was by a mere 3/10’s of a second. Not even a blink! In a way it’s strange watching someone we all knew as a teen, now an adult. So…let’s hope he continues to do well. The last two races of the season are September 1st in Portland then September 22nd in Monterey. Fingers crossed a little visit to Nevada County, oh? Say September 7th might work?!!

Matt DiBenedetto – local Grass Valley kid

Secondly, another local, Matt DiBenedetto, had his best NASCAR finish ever at Sonoma recently. He managed a 4th place at Sonoma and was in it the whole time. Again, I remember neighbor Matt driving his go-kart around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the NASCAR schedule doesn’t have a break that fits the “Cruisin the Pines” schedule, but maybe a visit for the Toy Drive could be worked out.
Check out the other racing stories in this edition and you’ll recognize there are lots of connections between our hobby…and well…if not going fast, at least going accurately. You’ll see a story regarding the “Great Race”. What an awesome event that would not have happened without the efforts of Pat G. and Gary B. Nice job you two.

Here are a couple of comments from the GVDA and Habitat for Humanity.

Thank you for all your help on Great Race! Many folk I’ve talked to have said it was one of the best DT Grass Valley events they’d attended! Thanks again – we’ll do a more formal acknowledgement a little later – just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your help!” – Jim Phelps – Habitat for Humanity

Thank you so much for the Great Race help. We can’t thank you enough for a wonderful day beautified by the classic cars and the AMAZING volunteers who worked tirelessly all day to get those racers parked in a beautiful way throughout the event.” – Thank you.– Marni Marshall – GVDA

Poker Run Director Needed

We are still looking for that Poker Run leader. It’s the last little bit of problem solving left. Basically, lay out a course, get some volunteers to staff the various locations, poker run on Sunday Morning of the show and you are done and now a Poker Run Maven.

Next show meeting is July 9th. Same place same time. You’re invited.

Highlight your calendar for August 13th’s meeting which is the annual combo car show and Club General meeting. I’ve invited the “Great Race” participants, crews and in the case of the kids , the parents. Expect some stories and thanks from everyone for the Roamin Angels support. We’ll supply the food, you provide a head count by responding to Details by email soon. Stay tuned.

Car Show Meeting • July 9 at 5:30pm
Salvation Army Hall, 10725 Alta St., Grass Valley
All Members are Welcome!

Submitted by Mike H.