Car Show, Beyond And More

It’s all Landon’s & Den’s fault!

2005 was my first Roamin Angels show as a member joining after Landon told us the Roamin Angels’ story. Jean and I volunteered for gate and ticket duty. At the follow up meeting, Den announced he was retiring from the Car Corral and asked if I would be interested. No, I said…(yeah right)…and here we are 13 years later.

It was at that car show meeting that I remember Show Directors Duke and Thane saying thanks to all the directors and volunteers. “You” deserve all the credit for the show’s success. “You” make it happen.

I couldn’t agree more. Thank you Directors! It takes months of planning and passion to make it happen. Thank you volunteers! It takes hours of time and we all appreciate you pitching in and sharing the burden.

KNCO interviews Mr. Peanut

Every year I get feedback from attendees, entrants, vendors, artist and sponsors. I’m sure you do as well. 99% of what I receive is all good.

2019’s obvious excitement was watching everyone wanting a photo with the Bumblebee & Mr. Peanut. What you may have missed was a visit to the Art Show building where Susan (Barry) and her artists were in the process of creating…. A paper Mache model of the Peanut Mobile! The jaws dropped. I’d expect to see it in future Planters’ marketing frankly.

GVPD had more kids participate this year than ever before and gave away the 4 bikes we & K Mart supplied. Two bikes went to single mother kids, a third went to a young man who desperately wants to be a Police Officer and the fourth went to a Veteran’s child who was recently deployed and not able to be at the show. From Officer Johnson, “Thanks again to you and the Roamin Angels for such generosity to the community and for letting us be a part of it.” – Steve

The “Greasemonkey” INDIE movie people are used to big city folks (Pinole?). Like a lot of attendees from outside the area…”Thank you so much for including us at Cruisin’ the Pines. It was a great time, and everyone was so accommodating and friendly! I so appreciate your generosity, and you inviting us. – Miranda Jonte

“Awesome Show!” This was our first year attending and we’ll be back.” – Alex G.

“We were there. My friend won an award. It was a good show as always. We’ll be back.” – Karen H.

“I missed the Art show! Where was it? I want to enter next year.” – Christina R.

“There was some nice stuff in the Art Show. I’ll be in it next year.” George W.

I’ve posted photos on Facebook since the show’s conclusion. I’ve included them here for you non-Facebookers……You, by the way, are the minority. In the week following the show we had 3,000 Facebook responses and interactions.

And so now let’s address the elephant in the room. I’ve managed over 1/3 of the 20 Roamin Angels “Cruisin the Pines” shows. That’s a lot of work – fortunately, very enjoyable work. My approach has been to present a broad range of content that current and future car people enjoy. Cubans, Mexicanicos, INDIE car movies, INDY car guys, current Muscle – whether it floats, is towed, flies or is loud. The hot button now, 4X4’s. ($80K Jeeps!)

In order to have a 40th version of the show (in the future) we have to excite the people who are kids now. Mr Peanut, bike safety, radio controlled racing, Go Karts and yes, alt-energy vehicles because that is their future.

In order to have a 21st version of the show we need to entertain the 60 + year old kids with stuff they don’t normally see or do. Remember, there is a free car show every Saturday (Cars & Coffee). That free car show “accepts” cars & motorcycles and (?) of any type, make model and vintage. I was asked several times to define “classic” as used on the car show application. We shouldn’t be concerned about that. Our customers will show us what a “Classic” is by attending the show with it and investing some money on Roamin Angel causes.

The structure of the show? This year hotel rates & availability added yet another obstacle to attracting people and cars to a two day show. How many can afford to invest some $500+ to participate in our great show for what amounts to three days? Our market will become locals… only some of which will want to return for day two. Friday party & Saturday show with a big Saturday close makes sense to me, how about you? Several specific suggestions were developed by the car show review committee early in 2019 and presented to the Board in February. Some have been worked into the show formula, some need advance planning and action to be incorporated any time soon.

Every position in this Club should have enforced time limits, including car show director. Any job done by the same individual becomes “their” job and sets us on the way to preventing new ways, enthusiasm, paths and ideas. Are we all Chevy guys and Gals? The Ford and Plymouth people would take umbrage at that thought. This is not my car show, it’s our car show. It’s time to put a new face on it.

Lastly, am I anti anything? Nope…..I’m a Roamin Angel and pro a lot of things…. Things that all need time.

I’ve been fortunate to become involved in the High School districts CTE programs’ management trying to grow what was ROP and setting its’ direction. I’ve been asked to work with the Youth Board in setting up work based education programs, work experiences and internships. I’m fortunate to manage the local American Legions’ Boy’s State program and to be able to serve my fellow Veterans as we all develop needs and face limits. We’ve got kids who need to drive safely & non distracted as the habit so they can be Roamin Angels in the future. I’ve got Grandsons who, in part and thanks to fellow Roamin Angels, are becoming crazy – hands on – loving the oil and grease car guys. I hope Young Gear Heads has had a similar effect.

Quitting? Nope. Trying to focus what’s left in the gas tank on those that got us here and the future of this Country and its future, our kids.

God Bless America!