Breakfast Report

At least once per year we make a visit to Gary Apple’s. We used to call it a garage but really it’s his ‘creative studio’. A group of us visited Gary and his ‘studio’ after a Friday breakfast get together. Through our previous visits, we’ve seen Rare vehicles recreated and re-envisioned all built entirely by just this one man in an absolutely amazingly short period of time.

This last visit?

Gary’s Father had a mid ’40’s Dodge Power wagon. The family used to go camping with it and it and they made many backwoods trips. Gary decided to make that his new challenge. Why buy a 40’s wagon when you can just buy a 2018 Dodge RAM diesel pick up and simply reinvent it?

We had a crowd of about 30 car crazy Gary Apple admirers visit the shop. Check out the photos. Keep this in the back of your brain…..he started this project in August….it has just turned December. I can’t even replace a simple Jeep’s speedo cable in that same amount of time.

Enjoy the Picts….and you really should make it to breakfast. Half the town downstairs watched us leave. Most, when they found out where we were going, wished they could come….some did.

– Photos and story by Mike H.