Bowling for Scouts

The American Legion raised $2,000. to support our local scout troops and at the championship tournament, the local VFW – another Veterans group, donated another $1,000. The money raised is to try and help all these kids return to a normal life. Help them get out and do stuff that we or our kids did as Boy and Girl Scouts back in the day.

The three weekends of bowling were held after the Scout troop leaders provided me with the kids’ wish list. Thanks to other generous businesses like Big A, Riebes and fellow Roamin Angel Susan Barry they will learn art, go camping and get first aid certified so they can raft and distance hike. Be kids, enjoy life and develop into the future leaders of America.

The bowling? You have never heard such joyous screaming and seen such crazy dancing as during these games…not to mention the strange bowling forms!

We’ll aim for more fun as the year goes on. Right now we are going to stage a “Sock Hop” in the Fall. Know how to Texas two-step? Twist? Shake Rattle and Rock and Roll? Join in.