Bear River High School Shop Tour

After Breakfast Field Trip
Friday, May 10, 2019

A bunch of us jumped at the opportunity to view the wood and metal shops at Bear River High School. We were greeted in the office by this (what I thought was a high school student ) young woman,  Morgan.  She has a masters degree from San Luis Obispo. 

I was under the misconception that the Arts were cut in high school, but thankfully, that is not the case. Speaking for all of us, we were overwhelmed with how brilliant Morgan was. She ran both shops and a classroom.  

Mike Hauser said it all when he stated that we were all in awe. Incidentally, Mike knew a good part of the student body. 

Those students are lucky to have such a teacher and mentor!

– Commentary by Bob N.. Photos by Bud & Edie H.

Bear River Ag Science/Mechanics visit….

I watched everyone as teacher Morgan talked to our visiting group then interacted with her students. All our visitors were mouthing “WOW!” in unison. I wish I had video. I kept thinking “I told you so”. I tell you now how grateful Morgan and her students were you all took the time to show interest in their futures. 

Unfortunately, ROP is gone but CTE (Career Technology Education) in the district is coming on strong. Ag Science, Culinary, Auto Shop, Ag Mechanics, Construction Science…the goal is to make Nevada County the leader in State CTE programs and give all kids a shot at a terrific future.

– Commentary by Mike H.