Announcements-May 2021

2021 Cruisin the Pines Car Show Voting Result

Karin R. reported that the membership voted as follows:
We had a total of 50 responses to the Car Show survey.  The votes were as follows:
YES 12
NO 37
Neutral   1
Per our by-laws, the Board makes the final decision as to whether we have a car show or not.  The next step was for the Board to either agree with the majority or not.

As president, I wrote the Board Members and asked for an email vote to which all responded not have a car show for 2021 with one abstention being Ron Carmichael, as he is moving out of state and didn’t feel he should vote as he wasn’t participating.

President’s Message

Dear Club Members,

The last year and a half have been difficult times for the Roamin Angels due to Covid and the change the Fairgrounds made to the date of our show.  As many of you know, we have tried to find alternate locations for the car show with little success.  This is due in part to the size of available places and the costs.  Covid forced us to cancel 2020 since we would exceed the Health Department rules. The vote to make the show a 1-day event was mostly due to the fact that our members are much older and the 2-day car show was more work than many were able to give.  That is, of course, understandable since the majority of our members are of retirement age.  

The show requires a significant commitment of time and energy.  Since the club now has 92 members (a decline of 23 members since 2020) putting on the car show has become a manpower issue, specifically a lack of manpower. 

Since I am the car show chairperson of the 2021 car show I have been speaking with members about their positions and the personnel needs that they require such as security people, gate attendants, set up people, clean up people and so forth for in their areas of responsibility. The online meeting we had had many opinions…many of them enthusiastically for the show but 20 people can’t do all the work so we sent out the vote request and the majority voted no.  That is why I asked for this vote. Since 42 didn’t reply to the vote I have to presume that they are not interested in the outcome or they simply abstained.  In any case, the enthusiasm is not there. Covid may also have been a part of their decision as well.

Events like Cars and Coffee are spontaneous “car shows” that require no planning or preparation.  People just show up, park their cars, sit on their chairs and have an instant car show. Mike H.’s proposal of joining the Downtown GV car show would require a minimum of work and we might be able to make a small amount of money doing that.  A situation similar to the cars and coffee “show”.

The club can continue to make contributions to the community through the Christmas Toy Drive and the driver training programs which were suspended due to Covid.  The Toy Drive from 2020 raised $19,000 for club community donations and if that was expanded to be a toy drive and scholarship drive combination we could continue to help the community.  Again, these are five or so areas where we park several classic cars and provide a donation venue.  The effort is very small and gives the members a chance to meet people and share their car(s) with the community.

Pat G., Ray Y. and Nikki and Dan G. and are planning club runs which should interest our membership since it requires no work and is a lot of fun and a chance to drive their cars. If you have an idea for a cruise or event, let Ray G., our Activities Director, know.

The club would do well to encourage new memberships and especially younger folks to carry the club on into the future.

Please be safe and enjoy the various events that we plan this year.

Thanks for all your help and participation in keeping the Roamin Angels going.

Jim R.