American Legion Dinner

American Legion Post #130 QUARTERLY DINNER

January 7, 2020 at the Vets Hall

Fellow Roamin Angels….

On behalf of Claude, Janet, Ray, Tina, Tom, Melise, Ray and Kris, Ron and Sue, myself, Jean and all the other members of the American Legion we want to thank all the fellow Roamin Angel members for their continued support and donations. I hope you know this club donated over $3,000 last year alone to local Vet organizations. Last Night, Tuesday, 40 some members attended the dinner at the Veterans Hall  in support of our efforts.

Many of you are Veterans or have extended family members who are. The events we stage are meant to help us honor and support every Veteran and their families. For 100 years we’ve done what’s needed to see that this nation stands behind the people who leave behind family and friends to stand up for the defense of America and the freedoms and values we all support. Just like the WWI & WWII Vets we honor and all the other eras of Kids that went off to do what was necessary, today’s young men and women heading off to the middle East and other areas need your support. Whether it’s through the American Legion or some other support group help these men, women and families out. Stand behind them, stand with them, demonstrate they can count on us just like we count on them.     

Once again thanks. Your efforts are obvious to us and the Veterans community.