A Letter To Roamin Angels

It’s 5:30am and cold outside. The first snow of the season is blanketing the ground. I feel the warm glow from the fireplace and take a sip of my steaming cup of coffee while sitting at my computer looking at all the new emails that have popped up. I click on one from Diane Blakley about upcoming events. After reading it, I got out the 2020 Roamin Angels’ roster. As I looked through the roster, I realized there were over 30 members I didn’t know or could recognize. How many of you find yourself in a similar situation? We should ask ourselves why.

We all are automotive ‘affectionatos’ in some form or another.  Whether it is old cars like hot rods, classics, custom, or restored, we wanted to meet others with the same intent. Just look at Cars and Coffee on any Saturday morning. WE DON’T KNOW MOST OF THOSE PEOPLE AND NEVER WILL.  However, we do have a membership roster where we can look up a friend or even make a new one, why not do so?

My friends the word is “Enthusiasm” – A great eagerness to be involved in a particular activity you like, enjoy or that you think is important {Collins English dictionary}. Let me give you some examples. Of course, we realize Covid -19 has put a damper on some of our abilities, but we can still be involved.

1988 – eight car guys meet at Humpty Dumpty and start discussing our old cars on Friday mornings.

1990 – sixteen guys meet at Humpty Dumpty and continue discussing our old cars on Friday mornings

1992 – twenty-eight guys & a gal meet at The Breakfast Club on Friday mornings to discuss old cars and some cruises and get-togethers with our old cars

1995 – 65 to75 people formed an official club, incorporating to become a nonprofit organization with a mission ‘to promote the ownership, restoration and maintenance of American Manufactured “Classic, Vintage and Historic Automobiles” in a way that brings people together, preserves these automobiles and contributes to the Community.’

2000 – over 150 members creating our first major car show at Rollins Lake. Our membership had a combined total of over 500 cars and the Roamin Angels became the largest nonprofit car club in Northern California!

My friends and associates with enthusiasm we can overcome this Covid-19 situation and work within the restrictions to keep our membership safe. Let’s reinvent ourselves and enjoy our hobby in new ways and come together with our ideas and make something happen. The car and cruising season will be here in a couple of months. I would be happy to help and work with you and your plans and ideas. Give me a call and let’s talk. I’m in the roster.

Ray Y.
Roamin Angel President Emeritus