2021 Roamin’ Angels Christmas Party Centerpieces-Under Construction

The 2021 Christmas Committee decided to do something different this year…we wanted to reflect our club and being together…thus, our theme – Together for the Holidays.  The beautiful centerpieces are all one-of-a-kind, interesting from all sides and include a classic car or truck. Some included garages with posters on the walls and they all lit up. They are all joint creations of Susan B., Diane B., Jo Ann B., Dee Ann and Bruce B., Patricia G., Janet H., Paula B., and Karin R..

These centerpieces were created using recycled and found objects, donated and repurposed items, paint, glue (lots of glue!), masking tape and assorted other materials. They are works of art.  Our committee enjoyed making them…mostly, we enjoyed working and being with one another.  We hope the people who won them at the party are enjoying them!