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July 2017

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Saturday July 8th, 2017 • 8 AM to 4 PM

If you would like to attend the Nevada County Airport AirFest for free, you can.  By just displaying your collectable car:
• You get the free parking on the airport.
• You get free entrance to the event ($10 each person).

To make this happen, we will meet in the parking lot of Paulette”s Country Kitchen Restaurant (875 Sutton Way G.V.) at 7:30 AM on Saturday July 8th.  From there we will leave at 7:45 AM and caravan up the the Grass Valley Airport. Using the west entrance (Nevada City St.)  we will park between the first set of hangars, parking at a 45˚ angle, facing east.  There will be a pancake breakfast served on the airport.  You will be able to leave at any time during the day, but we would like you to stay the entire day if possible.

There will be all kinds of airplanes displayed, fly-by, skydivers, R/C models, Beer & Wine garden, live music, CalFire open house, Kids Activities.  Kids under 12 and under are free, so bring the grandkids.

Also there is a Twilight Hangar Party on Friday night, July 7th.  This will cost $20 per person.  If you want to eat as well it will cost extra.  See for complete information or check with Christy B.



Terry - President President's message

I want to thank Bill B. and Fred D. for hauling the trailer down to the Roseville Cruise Night last Tuesday and to Directors Pat G. and Nikki G. for all of their efforts in organizing the 2017 Engine Raffle Sales Campaign. Stepping up and doing something extra to make the Engine Raffle a success is what is making the difference this year.

The heartbeat of the Roamin Angels is our annual car show. It is the glue that binds this Club, gives it a defined goal and provides a very clear purpose. At this time of each year the chairpersons are asking for volunteers to help out with the Friday barbeque, selling beer and wine, parking cars, security, manning the memorabilia booth and/or Sunday clean-up. It takes a village to make this show happen, please don’t think that Mex, Tex and the chairpersons are going handle it all. If you haven’t already signed up with one of the chairpersons, take a minute and do it today. If not you, then who will help out?

If the car show is the heartbeat what represents the soul of the Roamin Angels? In my opinion two words cover this topic – CARING AND GIVING. Over the years our Club has established a well-earned reputation for helping our community. Our annual Toy Drives have provided thousands of Christmas gifts to needy families for the past 25+ years and is a Grass Valley Christmas icon. Our Scholarship and Education Program has aided many graduating seniors that want to obtain post-secondary education or training and these funds have assisted the NU Auto Shop program with much needed tools and equipment. Our car show provides yearly donations to the Boy Scouts and Bear River High School to assist with their programs. The list goes on and on. But the common thread with all of these programs is the Roamin Angels who volunteer their time and talents to make it all work.

Yes, we are first and foremost a Car Club that is dedicated to preserving and enjoying the vintage, classic and historic cars that we love. But we are also a Club with a purpose to help our community whenever and however we can. This path was established many years ago and it has become part of who we are. This President and this Board are dedicated to continuing these traditions and staying the course. We believe its the right thing for us to do as a member of both the hobby and the community.
This year’s Engine Raffle Program has truthfully struggled. Mike and Pauline W. handled this chore, did a fabulous job and are dearly missed. But prior to Mike and Pauline there were many others including Sweet Old Bob M. (SOB) who pulled the engine trailer over half of Northern California for many years.

Folks, when asked to help, just like Bill and Fred did this week, please pitch in. The Engine Raffle supports the Community Funds which primarily supports the Christmas Toy Drive. We need your help!!
The bottom line, this Club exists and excels due to our members being willing to volunteer. The Car Show is about 70 days away. PLEASE VOLUNTEER – WE NEED EVERYONE INVOLVED.

Enough Said – Keep All 4 on the Road
See YA on the Flip Side,


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