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December 2018

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Roamin Angels Election

We are having elections for the 3 open positions coming up in 2019 (to be determined). You must be a member in good standing to be on the Board. We will be calling members to see if they are interested in running.

Pat G. will call A-F, Shelley P. will call G-K, Karin R. will call L-Q and Ron C. will call R-Z.

Please consider being a part of the Board and the decision making process about what happens with your club! Questions? Contact any board member.

Membership Dues are due by December 31, 2018.

Membership application is included with this month's newsletter. If you have any problems or questions, please contact Dee Ann Bellows at (530) 271-5620 or

If you want to update your photo in the roster or you need to provide one, please contact Diane B at (530) 477-0607 or You can also mail a photo but it must reach Diane by January 2nd at the latest. Mailing address: 265 Cypress Hill Dr., Grass Valley, CA 95945


New rosters will be distributed at the Annual Meeting in February 2019.

The completed families need to be brought to the VETERANS HALL on Tuesday, Dec. 18th about 11 am, the toys from the Kmart Toy Drive will be there for more shopping if you want. Keep your receipts and either give them to me (Pat) or to Nikki for a check refund of $125.00 per family.

The TOY DISTRIBUTION at the Veterans Bldg. will be on Wednesday, Dec. 19th 10 am.

All members are welcome to come help give out the packages. If any questions please call Pat G. at 274-7814 or Thank you for helping.

Both days - I will need help giving out the family packages. Tues., Dec 18th and Wed., Dec 19th.

Letter from Linda P.'s sister Gail:

Reflection and Giving THANKS:

This holiday season is a a time to reflect on the things that are truly important...who we are, what we do, how we do it and why.

To the Roamin Angel Board members who are the unpaid backbone of our club. They make sure that we can function as a club and non-profit. They make [sometimes] tough decisions in the best interest of our club. In part, because of their time and devotion, we are able to distribute funds we make from our events to so many in need in our community.
To all the Volunteers who help out tirelessly at various events whether its at the Survive the Drive, the annual Car Show, the Toy Drive, organizing events like the Geezer Picnic, Christmas Party, Cruise-Ins at Big As and Trailblazer Pizza and the get-togethers on Wednesday nights at pizza and the Friday morning breakfasts, to name a few, without these leaders and volunteers, none of these events would be possible.

A special thank you goes out to those individuals who work behind the scenes – who do so not for the recognition but rather for their own giving 'heart'. These people are amazing. Our club is fortunate in that this group of people is a part of us. Most clubs usually have the 10% of their membership who do most of the the Roamin Angels this number is so much higher. There is a strong core of people who continually step up to the task...they may not necessarily lead an event but they are always available to lend a helping hand.

As a member of this club you all have this chance to be amazing. You have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself. As this year winds down and we're surrounded by family and friends, reflect on the blessings of your life. Remember...what you give returns to you tenfold.

Thank you all for being Roamin Angels.

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