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January 2018

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Roamin Angels Christmas Party
We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas party. The Christmas Party Committee would like to thank everyone that stayed and helped with the clean up, it was greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Kathy, Pam and Pat

From Shelley P., Activities Chairperson:
New phone number: 530-231-2131. My email remains the same - shelleypenrose If you have any car/club activities or events you'd like to promote, please let me know.

From Steve B.:
My friend and fellow Roamin Angel, Diane B., made the front page of the Union on Dec. 4th that had several photos from the Toy Drive. Jokingly, I asked her to autograph my copy instead she planted a kiss on it. I am going to auction off my copy to the highest bidder. The money it raises will go to the club's community fund. Contact me if you are interested in this priceless and one of a kind momento from our Toy Drive. 268-6942

There is no President Message this month.
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