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June 2017

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Oroville Car Show

Survive The Drive

David S. won Best Buick at the Oroville Gold Rush Car Show.
– Submitted by Patricia B

Survive The Drive

Club participation award at the Oroville Gold Rush Car Show.
– Submitted by Glenda A.

Townsmen Car Show WinnerTownsmen Car Show Winners

Dusty S. & Terri J.
Dick E.

– Submitted by Nikki G.


Terry - President President's message

First, I want to thank all the members who attended the memorial service for Bob Gray. I know from his daughter, Robin, and the entire family how much the Roamin Angels participation meant and how deeply it touched each of them to see the 3 lines of classic cars and hot rods outside the chapel. Bob was a great man and will be missed by everyone who knew him.

Next, I want to thank Mike Hauser and Pat G.. for organizing the 1st “Survive the Drive” training day. Obviously, a thank you goes to Bill McAnally, BMR Racing, Dr. Browning, Impact Teen Drivers and all of the other sponsors for their hard work, dedication and contributions to the program. Also, we can’t forget Jim and Judy Simon at Big A’s for the huge contribution they made to help fund “Survive the Drive”. We can’t forget the CHP and Grass Valley PD officers who gave up their time and expertise to help the 25+ youth participants learn about defensive driving skills. But on Saturday morning it was the Roamin Angels volunteers working together with the Kiwanis, Rotary and other Grass Valley clubs and organizations that made all the planning and organizing work.

Every one of the young drivers that I spoke with, as well as the parents, had nothing but the highest compliments for the program and the effort that the Roamin Angels made to bring this concept into reality. Everything starts with an idea. With some effort the idea becomes a concept. With even more work it becomes a plan. And finally the plan evolves into an event. Mike had an idea that he shared with me and I told him to “go for it”. Through his efforts a handful of young Nevada County high schoolers will be safer on the roads. It was a lot of work, but if just 1 kid is saved from another terrible accident on Highway 49, folks I suggest to you that it will be worth it. This was a collaborative effort that involved a lot of the community to pull it off, but the concept came from the Roamin Angels. Something the membership can take a lot of pride in.

It’s hard to believe that we are almost halfway through 2017. Much has happened and much lay in front of us. Our Car Show is only 100 days away. Bill & Pat B. are leading a group down to Lincoln to Show & Shine at their show and the following day we have the Annual Yellow Barn Party at Christy B’s. This is on top of the usual Pizza Night and Friday Morning Breakfast gatherings. On the 24th, the Angels will participate and help out at the 7th Annual American Graffiti Car Show at Mel’s Diner and that evening Diane and Dee Ann will host the monthly Game Night activities.

Not enough? Got an idea for something else to do with our cars? Call Shelley P. the Club Events Director and lay it on her. She’ll get your event advertised; it’s as simple as that!!

Enough Said – Summer is Here, Stay Cool – Keep All 4 on the Road!!
See Ya on the Flip Side,


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